Sunday, September 06, 2009

i need help

I don't believe I've mentioned yet that as of today, there are five walkers registered on our More the Merrier Walkers for Knockers team. As it turns out, all of those walkers are the mothers of triplets.

Consider that for a moment.

Five women - all of whom have young triplets - have committed time out of their busy lives to train for and then walk 20 miles a day, for three consecutive days, sleep in a tent each night, AND raise $2,300.00 a piece for breast cancer research, treatment, education and prevention.

Now as impressive as that is - I believe it is even more impressive that five husbands have agreed to stay home with young triplets while their wives are out walking sixty miles over the course of a weekend. Ah yes. This will be like the spa weekend getaway we've always dreamed of. Except there won't be a spa. And we'll be sleeping on the ground. With blisters on our feet and cramping leg muscles.

But we'll be happy.

So happy.

Today, while I was out walking six miles in preparation for this big event, I started to brainstorm various fundraising ideas. In addition to reaching out to my friends - family - neighbors and coworkers (which I haven't done yet), I plan to knit scarves and host a few giveaways on my blog (which I also haven't done yet). (Life's been a bit crazy, shall we say?)

My walking teammate and fellow triplet mom, Debbie, came up with the brilliant idea of a lemonade stand that we would set up at busy locations around San Diego. What would make our lemonade stand different than others, is that it would be run - in large part - by triplets.

(Or at a minimum, they would stand around looking adorable.)

Doesn't that sound like an awesome fundraising gold mine idea?!

I'm thinking that in addition to all of this, I would like to have various gifts that I will giveaway for certain donation amounts. It would be kind of like a PBS membership drive...

For a $25.00 donation, you will receive a license plate frame.

For a $50.00 donation, you will receive a duffle bag with Sesame Street embroidery.

For a $100.00 donation, you will receive studio footage from "The Best of Click & Clack."

Of course none of those gifts are real. I'm just using them for the purposes of illustration. Right?

Anyway. I thought that a great gift idea, and/or sale item, would be silicone bracelets. But as I went on line to research silicone bracelets, I was PARALYZED by how many color options there are. And since I'm planning to order about 1,000 of these things - I really want to get a color that people will like. And not just any people ... but men AND women.

Tonight, because I couldn't decide on which color I liked, and then determined that Charlie's wrists are a lot larger than mine, and I'd need to order two sizes, and wow - the kids would love these, too - and maybe other children might like them, I ordered several different colors in several different sizes. And then, as I was reviewing my order of 1000 bracelets, I panicked when I thought about trying to keep all of this "inventory" organized.

Take a look at my order:

100Child PINK
200Medium PINK
50Medium ORANGE
50Large ORANGE
50Medium AQUA
50Large AQUA
50Medium GREEN
50Large GREEN

Before I placed the final order on the bracelets, I decided that I want to keep this simple. I want one color. In various sizes. I love pink because it's not only pretty, but it's the color scheme of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. But then the question is, hot pink or light pink? And do I really think I can sell 1,000 PINK bracelets?

Yellow reminds me of LiveStrong, so that's out.

Smoked Orchid is nice, but perhaps too light?

What about green?

Or, maybe orange?

Charlie loves blue.

Here's a link >> CLICK HERE >> to the website with all of the various colors.

Please - I beg of you - give me some feedback.

If you were to order 1,000 of these bracelets, what color would you pick??


  1. I think any color would be fine! I had to order the kid size for my teenie tiny wrists... Can you do 2 colors on one bracelet? Maybe a blue/pink combo, that way the guys can leave the blue on top of their wrists and the gals can leave the pink.

    I like the lemonade stand idea, too! Try to get some news coverage for your effort!

  2. You crack me up. Hot Pink.

  3. I always think of pink as the general color of the fight against breast cancer; I didn't realize it was just for the Susan G. Komen foundation.

    In any case, if you need a color that will appeal to men, women, boys, and girls (sheesh, no small task!), I would go for Aqua, Forest Green, Green, or Orange. I think the Aqua or Orange are the best bets- they're unique and unisex. I definitely think one color is the way to go.

    Good luck!

  4. Red- definitely. Worn by boys and girls, men and women.

  5. I'd go with pink for sure... none of the other colors. they each have their own associated cause and breast cancer's color is pink. As far as the different pinks... go bold and go bright pink. it will stand out! ok, there's my 2 cents ;)

  6. Hot Pink would be my choice :-)

  7. Light mother passed away in 2003 from breast cancer and my brother, father, and son all have no issues wearing the pink bracelets. My husband won't wear it but he's weird.

  8. I would order the desert sand, men women and children all could (and would) wear it.
    Is there any way that all of you moms could make a date for a day at the spa on day four? I think you all will need (and deserve) it an while the dads have the babes?

  9. I think the orchid color is pretty.

  10. I'd go with Hot Pink or Neon Green. Don't you want people to notice them, or to ask a question about them?

  11. Personally I prefer teal.

    I remember when my sister was pregnant for the first time (36 years ago!) when gender was a guessing game. In choosing layette items my brother-in-law said he wouldn't care if his daughter wore blue but he sure as heck didn't want his son in pink!

  12. I like the bright yellow, or neon green, so they stand out.

    I also just want to say you have inspired me to do more. Since Jan. my husdand and I combine dhave lost 224 pounds and we walk five miles a day.


  13. Purple!! Its a great color, both guys or girls could wear it too.

  14. I kind of like the aqua:)

  15. I love the teal or aqua. It's gender neutral and it reminds me of the tranquility of the ocean. It goes with your peaceful spa weekend theme. :)

  16. Go for "stunned", because of the color's name. Because you are stunned by the disease, you are stunned by the support, you are stunned by your own abilities, you are stunned by your teammates abilities to take the weekend out of their lives, you are stunned by your husband's and your teammates husband's abilities to handle triplets for the weekend while you all participate in this walk, YOU.ARE.STUNNED.

  17. OH NO!!!! There are even more options here than I presented!!!!

    I might have to do a vote...

  18. I vote for hot pink since pink is the color for the breast cancer fight. I say hot pink so that it stands out from the regular light pink that everyone else uses. I know that my hubby would wear the pink.

    Looking forward to when they go on sale.

  19. I like orange (more specifically "stunned"). I think it is a good unisex color.

  20. I would choose hot pink.

  21. PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! both men, women and children would wear it.......and it just happens to be my favorite color. Is there any other cause associated with purple?

  22. I like Lancaster blue. It is a pretty color and would be great for either. I also like the tree frog green and desert sand. Another fundraising idea another blog I read did for March of dimes was somehow set up to make their blog private for one month and people could pay a one time fee of $5 to get private access. I was totally willing to donate $5 to March of dimes for her blog access...I would do the same for you. I just don't know how she went about doing that.

  23. I agree that the hot pink is too bright, and pale pink is wimpy. Two colors that look great with every skin color are maroon and aqua. I also like the forest green and the navy blue. If people will really wear these, they have to be attractive and have to have something cool printed on them.

  24. 500 pink
    500 tree frog

  25. Teal or Cardinal Red

  26. i love teal & aqua but since its for Susan G. Komen I'd go with Hot Pink since their site has both light pink & hot pink. Maybe 500 in teal or aqua and 500 in hot pink?

  27. I loved the plain old green, and that would work for both men and women.

  28. What about the hot pink with the navy blue fill on the lettering on half, then reverse on the other half? OR.. White with hot pink colour fill on half, navy on the other half?

    BUT.. whatever you decide will be great. Are you sure you aren't busy enough? :-)

  29. While blue is my favorite color, I'd stick with the HOT PINK to match the purpose of the fundraiser/walk/research. It'll def stand out!!! Plus, I can't wait to see a photo of Charlie with his pink bracelet :)

  30. If you want one color, go with hot pink since it goes along so well with the cause. If you're worried about none of the guys wearing them, I would go with 500 hot pink and 500 teal or aqua. Also, are you ordering them debossed with color-fill or plain debossed (there's an example picture on the right-hand side, if you haven't already seen it). If you're going with the color-fill, I would use white for the lettering. Another thought is to do white bands with hot pink debossed color-fill. That way, the pink will be less noticeable and the guys may be more willing to wear them.

  31. Too many choices for me. I say either grab any pink, poll the men in your circle, or pull one randomly from a hat. Truely, anyone who is willing to support the cause will be happy with whatever color you choose.

    Glad to hear you have a team going. Happy training!

  32. Hands down you should get the glow in the dark...cuz after the walk is over...the kids will love playing with them. Thinking about a 1,000 bracelets...I think if I had alot of them what would I do with them outside of their original purpose. Glow in the dark is fun - and unisex. (but I like the light pink too)

  33. The "Stunned" is pretty and so is the "Neon Green" or "Lime Green." :)

  34. Any color bracelets are fine. But I did want to mention that I have Qiviut, and I do know how to spin it into yarn if you want some to knit with. I'll give you enough to make something out of..socks or a scarf?!

    Qiviut is the down from Musk Ox, its about $80 an ounce, unwashed and unspun. Softer than cashmere, and warmer than any wool you'll ever own. Anyway, just a thought. :)

  35. Lime Green. It is bright, draws attention and the men wouldn't mind I think!