Friday, September 25, 2009

the great inquisition

I recently read somewhere that an average four-year-old asks three hundred questions a day.

Times three, for us that would be around 900 questions a day.

Which I honestly think might be on the low side.

"Mom? Mom? Why don't octopuses have bones?"

"Well, octopuses are invertebrates. That means that they don't have a backbone, like you and me and instead they have ..."

"Mom? Mom? Why do birds lay eggs?"

"Well, that's just how their babies are made. They grow in eggs. Other animals, like humans for example, have babies that grow in ...."

"Mom? Mom? What is dirt?"

"Well, dirt is a whole bunch of things. But mostly, it is big rocks that were broken down in to very, very small rocks and sand. There are all kinds of ..."

"Mom? Mom? Where does yogurt come from? Why is tape sticky? Why does the door bell go DING DONG? Why do flowers smell pretty? Why do I have toes? Why is milk white? What is THIS? What is THAT?"

"Well, uh, yogurt is dairy so it comes from a cow, tape is sticky because - I have no idea that's just the way it's made, the doorbell goes DING DONG because there is a small bell inside that is rung when someone pushes the button, flowers are ..."

"Mom? Mom? Stop talking please. You are hurting my ears."

"I am hurting your ears? Oh, that's novel. My ears are still buzzing and I can hear you talking when you are in bed ASLEEP."

"Mom, your ears are buzzing and you can hear me talking when I'm asleep?"

"Yes Dear. That's what I said."

"Really? Are you telling me the truth?"

"Mom? Mom?"



  1. Most preschoolers ask the 300+ questions a day not so much because they're genuinely interested in the answer (although with certain questions they are) but more because they want to ensure that you're listening & paying attention to them specifically (obviously with more than one child there's competitiveness). It's their way of continuously checking to make sure you're still "there" for them.

  2. Her ears are hurting from you answering her questions? Classic!


  3. Enjoy it now. They clam up when they become teenagers.

  4. I would say 300 was conservative! I once counted how many my questions my son asked me in one day, thinking it might stop me from going out of my mind. How wrong I was!! I stopped at 347 at 3pm. I was so exhausted to think I had done my best to answer 347 qhestions and I had another 4 hours until he was unconscious that I had to stop!

  5. LOL- I have one four year old... and I think 300 is on the low side... so I can imagine her average times 3...... you know they make these things called ear plugs/?? *laughs* just kidding

  6. Thanks, now I see what I have to look forward to, my 5 yr old still does it and makes me a little crazy so when my girls (2yrs) get older I might buy some earplugs lol.

  7. The first picture is totally & completely..YOU! It's all in the eyes!


  8. If they ask the same question over and over, because you are ignoring them, do you count those?

  9. I only have one 4-year-old and I am laughing wryly going uh-huh!!
    (And I do agree with Anonymous that they sometimes don't really want the answer)

  10. My nephew was the all time champ at questions mostly directed to his mother and always preceeded by MOM of course. One day at about the 3000 & first question she turned on him and said "Bradley, you may call me Laurie or you can call me Mrs. ______ but please do not call me MOM any again today. His next question was MOM why? Too funny.