Thursday, July 03, 2008

what day is it?

We are in full swing vacation mode.

Even though William has a right ear infection, Elizabeth has a left ear infection, Carolyn has a double ear infection ... and Charlie has what we believe is a sinus infection ... we are having fun. We are going to bed late, sleeping in late, eating hot fudge sundaes in large quantities and doing multiple other things to contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle.


We HAVE been running!! So we are still training for our triathlon in August, even though for the past week, we've been drinking more beer than water.

We're still at my father's house in Massachusetts. My internet connection is way slow and the only way that I can even log on to the internet is if I'm squeezed in to the far back corner of a room in the west side of the house with my computer perched on my RIGHT knee and the sun is shining. Hence the lack of updates and pictures for the past few days.

Today we are heading in to Boston to ride the swanboats. Tomorrow we are going to a farm somewhere in western Massachusetts where there are pony rides.


Then we are doing something OTHER than going in to downtown Boston to watch the fireworks tomorrow night because everyone that I've talked to has tried to convince me that I am NUTS to take four children down to the Esplanade with the 20,000,000 other people that will converge on the Charles for the Fourth of July.

Bummer. I have such good memories of that when I was a kid.

We'll hopefully see my brother and sister sometime on Saturday, probably while eating more hot fudge sundaes at Kimball's, and then we're planning to leave early Sunday morning. (By early, I mean around noon. Which, is 9:00 Pacific Standard Time, and that IS early with four little kids.)

(To my bay state cuzzins >> do you have the number to my father's house?? Can you call me?? I'd love to see you guys!!)

We haven't yet looked at a map, but are thinking about taking the southern route, stopping off in Greenville, South Carolina to say a quick "HEY!" before continuing our drive west.

Regardless of what we do, there will be ample down time - and hopefully, a better internet connection - so I will post a whole lotta stories and photos of our trip once we get back on the road. But now, I must go eat fried eggs and bacon for the third time this week.

Because that is what one does while (whilst?) on vacation.


  1. Love your it all the time. Glad you got to MA safely. If you read this while it is still possible, you should go to the Childrens Museum in Boston. It is INCREDIBLE!! We went last summer and loved it!! (our ds was 4 then and dd was 1)

    Happy and safe travels!
    Amy in OH

  2. Greenville!! That's only an hour from here! If you get down South and need some distraction, we can provide it....zoos, amusement parks, kid museums, my insane and wild, yet overly friendly and happy kids, etc, etc, etc...

    BTW, it's about 13 hours from NYC to Greenville down I-95, if you can miss rush hour in NYC and DC.


  3. I love Kimballs! Too bad you aren't braving the crowds tomorrow night; I was going to look for you. Happy 4th!!

    Ellen in Lexington

  4. Jennifer PA7/3/08, 10:11 AM

    YES! Go home the southern route and stop by Texas. We would love to see y'all!

  5. I have been loving hearing about your vacation. We are driving 550 miles in about a week with our 3 kids, and we've done the trip lots of times, so it's fun to hear about someone else taking to the car with about a zillion kids. I hope your trip home is as wonderful as your trip out was. And keep the pictures coming. If you pass through MN, let me know- we'll meet you for a hot fudge sunday. =)

  6. I have been loving hearing about your vacation. We are driving 550 miles in about a week with our 3 kids, and we've done the trip lots of times, so it's fun to hear about someone else taking to the car with about a zillion kids. I hope your trip home is as wonderful as your trip out was. And keep the pictures coming. If you pass through MN, let me know- we'll meet you for a hot fudge sunday. =)

  7. Why did it post my comment twice? The first time, it made me do word verification again, and then when I finally typed all the letters right it published twice.... Oh blogger, how you love to mess with me!

  8. Karen in Buffalo7/3/08, 12:49 PM

    Sounds like the PERFECT family vacation! Have a great 4th and...
    HaPpY HaPpY 1st BiRtHdAy HeNrY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ooo I keep wanting to post and say "c'mon over to our place!" You're practically in our backyard (couple towns westerly) but then I remember that you don't actually know me. LOL.

    I was just at Kimballs the other day to buy 5 gal buckets for my tomatoes. Looooove their sundaes! We take my 65 Mustang to cruise nights in the summer.

    Your trip has been a trip for me to read. We did a 6 week, 5000 mile roadtrip last summer (MA to FL to CO, then back to MA). Glad you're all having such a great time!!

  10. I am a complete stranger to you but am enjoying reading about your crazy vacation. I have 2 children and I would never even dare do what you are doing. But I am missing out on all the fun too.

  11. oooooh. we will be in greenville this weekend...sounds like we will miss each other by a day. if you want to come down through columbia on your way back let me know, we have a good zoo. i'll yank duncan out of school and we can have lunch or something.

  12. I just wanted to say we live in greenville. What a small world! I love the pictures you have taken. They are beautiful! happy Birthday to Henry as well!

  13. If you are heading to Kimballs in Carlisle - head down the road to Seawrights Daylilies Gardens - right there on 225 (Bedford Rd) about a qtr mile back toward Concord. It will be an AWESOME photo opt - trust me! ACRES of blooming daylilies and hostas - breathtaking this time of year!

    And it's free. Bob and Love Seawright are the owners - wonderful folks!

    Enjoy your trip!


  14. Oh who cares about ear/sinus infections when you've got ice cream sundaes and bacon.

    Sounds heavenly

  15. HI Jen,

    It's one of your cuzzin's. It would be so much fun to catch up with you and your brood.

    I do not have your phone number. Perhaps you could give my mother a call and we could arrange a little meet and greet.

    Your many escapades have certainly been entertaining and fun. Hope we can get together.


  16. Oh Jen! How fun this sounds! (Except for the part about holding a yoga pose to get Internets.)

  17. I can't believe you are still running!!!! I'm a little opposite you - we're on vacation and I have been eating fine, but the only exercise I've gptten is walking around zoos, amusment parks, etc. follwed by a good night's rest sleeping in until, uh, 8:30 or 9:00 while my parents feed the kids breakfast. You go girl! And have a great 4th!

  18. Hi Jen
    Its July 4 here in Australia, so Happy Birthday Henry!
    Rebecca D

  19. Happy Birthday Henry! Hope you are staying infection free, even if everyone else in the family isnt! :)

    The Esplanade is fabulous on the 4th, but gets wicked crowded, and it might be really hard keeping track of all the little ones with you. Besides, you can watch it on tv, and have a much more accesible bathroom, and probably a lot less mosquito bites as my mom always used to tell us when we wanted to go in to the city to watch in person. :)

    I'm having my family from MA come to me in CT this 4th...YAY for other people taking road trips with their kids...HAHAHAHA!!

    Looking forward to more stories from the road!

  20. One of many cuzzins!7/4/08, 11:26 AM

    Happy Birthday Dear Henry, Happy Bithday To You!!

    Hope to see you before you circle the wagon and head West. I love ice cream and love Kimballs. Maybe I can meet you there on Saturday!!

    I'll be calling!

    Hope you have a bang of a 4th!

  21. mamabunnytam7/4/08, 2:37 PM

    Happy 1st Birthday Henry! You're a doll!

  22. HEY YA'LL!!! I became so inspired by your trip I took the boys and Lisa's son Stephen to DC for a "little side trip". We had so much fun!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Just got back in time to celebrate Brian's b-day at Nana's pool!! My mother reminded me of "our" Other July 4th baby!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRY! Did you get an Iron Man suit too? ;) Eat lots of Chocolate Cake!

    I really hope you guys make it to SEE US! (me);-) Not to put any guilt on you or anything.....Nooo... but 3 years ago we had a few good luck charms (triplet fix) that helped us get through a difficult time ~ we need the fix again to bring us another 4/5/10/20 + years!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take 95 south to 85 after Richmond ~ get off on Hwy 101 ~ you know the rest...Wait till you see our house and my folks pool!!! Your gonna love it! Hey! We can "walk" to a new development right up the street ~ funny thing ~ lots of new BIG homes 4 sale!;-)

    Hope to see you. Love, Marg

    PS Special invite to many cuzzins ~ ya'll come down now too - ya hea.;)

  23. Happy Birthday Henry!!

  24. Hey - just wanted to say a belated happy birthday to sweet Henry! He shares month birthdays with my sweet Jon Kai. (September 4th is his birthday.)

    LOVE reading about your family travels!

  25. It's July 6, 2008, Sunday; 2:25 EST.

    Is anyone out there????

    ..........WHERE ARE YOU???? ;-)

    Love, Marg.

  26. We just got back from Lost Wages and I thought I'd say happy birthday to Henry! Hope the trip is going well!