Monday, July 21, 2008

brainwash, nearly complete

I've been trying to impress upon the kids, in a way that they can understand, that there are good and bad things in the world. There are things that they should do to stay safe and there are things that if they don't do, they might be in danger.

The context and feelings behind these discussions will soon be the subject of a separate post, but today as we were driving to swimming lessons, William pointed out that there was a BAD MONSTER living in the forest - a dense area of trees along one of the roads in our neighborhood.

When I asked what the monster looked like, Gracie called out "HE TALL and GWEEN!"

When I asked what he does that makes him bad, Elizabeth pipped up "He eat cigawettes and, and, and .... he wikes da YANKEES!"


  1. WTG, Elizabeth! HAte those yanks!

  2. Ha Ha Love it!