Wednesday, July 09, 2008

our amazing trip day 19

We stopped last night at around 1 AM and stayed in Monroe, Lousiana. The total distance driven from Greenville, South Carolina was approximately 650 miles.

Because we had planned to stop - but didn't know when - and didn't expect that the kids would all fall asleep before we did ultimately retire for the day - and then didn't expect that we would use the opportunity to KEEP DRIVING while they were asleep - we didn't put the triplets in diapers because doing such would wake them up. As a result of our poor planning, two of three soaked their carseats.

Fortunately, they dry rather quickly when it's 97 degrees.

We woke up this morning and had a nice breakfast before taking the kids down to the hotel swimming pool. This was the last picture that was taken by a three-year-old boy who hijacked his mother's camera off the table, before he dropped it in to a hot tub.

Fortunately, I have two cameras or else this photo would be the last one posted on this journey.

We've been driving through scattered showers today which is nice because in the 120 miles we've driven since leaving our hotel this morning, our windshield had become caked with bugs. Thus far on our trip, Mississippi and Louisiana boasts the most freeway bugs. Soft ones that SPLAT and hard ones that TINK. Some are so big we cringe and yell "Ewww!! What WAS that?!"

We just crossed over in to Texas and I got me a cravin' for some BBQ and catfish.

Charlie keeps saying that he wants to stop and eat a 100-oz steak, but after passing this truck hauling cows, I don't think that I can ever eat meat again.


According to our Cheif Navigator, we should be able to make it to El Paso by tonight.

I'm not so sure about that.

I think my husband has a better chance of eating five pounds worth of beef in one sitting.


  1. I live in Houston and am from Pecos. Unless you are absolutely, positively sure you can make it to El Paso, I would highly recommend you stop in Midland/Odessa or at the very least, stop in Pecos. Pecos is 200 miles from El Paso and there's a whole lotta nothing after Pecos. (There's a whole lotta nothing in Pecos, too, but at least there's a 24 hr. Wal-Mart and a few hotels to choose from.)

  2. Wow you all are bookin it home! What a trip. I have enjoyed every minute of it! LOL

  3. Thanks for being my bridesmaid 8 years ago today! Too think, I had 2 bridesmaids and they both have a set of triplets... Mark and I will stop at one, just in case!!!

  4. I'm with anonymous. I live in El Paso and its a 12 hour drive from Dallas. I would recommend Midland/Odessa. There really is nothing after Pecos and I wouldn't want to drive it at night with 4 little ones.

  5. I'm with Lori. I went to school in Waco and it was about 12 hours to El Paso. Stop in Pecos at the latest. Good luck!!! The Texas drive gets old, but New Mexico is beautiful!

  6. too bad you are not going through austin. i'd love to meet your gang in person.

  7. As someone from Austin who two weeks ago drove 11 hours from there to El Paso, your trip sounds mighty ambitious. I was driving alone, however, with my kids, so that much driving was all I was capable of in a day.

    So weird to read about your trip, and have you be in my home state while I'm in yours.

    Happy traveling!

  8. Sorry to hear about the demise of the camera. Wishing you a speedy drive!

  9. Your almost back home!!! I am loving this cross country trip!

  10. K July 10th!! I swam 25 feet plus against the current of course. I feel so strong. I also ran/walked TWO 14:30 15:02 miles which is UNHEARD of from this big ole body. I actually might finish the 10K before sundown.LOL

  11. S, that is AWESOME!!!

    Way to go!!!