Wednesday, July 30, 2008

sadly, this dish didn't break

There was a magnitude 5.4 earthquake in Southern California today.

I was sitting in a business meeting and felt the building that we were in start to shake. The epicenter was about three hours north of our house so everyone and everything is fine.

Thanks to those who called or sent us an e-mail asking why we still live in California where the ground shakes, the buildings collapse and there are out-of-control wildfires.

I've been in a dozen or so earthquakes in the 17 years I've lived in California. Thus far, we've been fortunate to never sustain any property damage - or bodily injury.

Tonight Charlie showed me what our "new" ice cream bowls look like, because apparently he thinks that we eat "too much" ice cream and need to start living a "healthier lifestyle" and all we need is a "taste" to satisfy our craving, so he took the liberty of packing up our vats bowls and moving them to the garage.

After filling this tiny cup up five times, I am now the kind of person that eats ice cream directly out of the carton.

(While hiding in a closet.)


  1. Glad your fine. :)

    Just don't eat too much ice cream. :p
    (I can't eat ice cream so I don't have the probleme of eating too much of it.)

  2. I've been to a restaurant that offered a "One Bite Sundae" on their dessert menu. It was a quarter at the time; and I think a wonderful idea. I've tried to eat my ice cream in a tiny bowl recently; which is fine with me because I'm not a big ice cream fan. Now if somebody were to cut my brownie too tiny there might be a problem....
    Glad everybody is safe.

  3. I had to laugh...I just bought smaller bowls too for the same reason. We've got us some ice cream lovers here.

    So glad you are fine...I've never felt and earthquake. It must be very unnerving.

  4. So glad ya'll are safe and sound. We had earthquakes in Alaska and I was never fond of them, I just had an image in my head of the ground opening up and swallowing thanks!

    As for the dish, you do have four small children and children do tend to break things, so.......

  5. IS HE NUTS??? Doesn't he understand what you've been through over the past week?? What's he thinking? I'm sure there's some type of program - like "Boot camp for husbands" or "Diva Intervention" you may want to look into it.

    He's lucky you didn't lock him in the closet while playing Greek music...;-) Glad to hear everyone's safe. Love, Marg.

  6. I was in the dentist's chair when the earthquake hit yesterday! The big lamp above started swinging violently so my dentist yanked me out of the chair (it's hard to get out of those things) and into the hallway. He wold not let go of my hand!! I told everyone that I was a geologist & not to worry. It was rather large where we were... only 25 miles from the epicenter...

  7. can read the whole dentist story at my blog...hehehehe

  8. Nice. Laughing away over here. Great "bowls" - dunno if five would be enough!

  9. Glad you are all safe.

    Is that an espresso cup. Damn the torpedos, full steam ahead to the garage to retrieve those bigger bowls.

    Ice cream NEEEDS a big bowl to be scooped into.

  10. Jen,
    I think you need to pack Charlie up and put HIM in the garage. LOL Everyone knows that ice cream makes our world go'round, especially if you are hanging off a branch of our family tree... Chocolate Fudge runs in our veins, not blood. Take my all-time favorite ice cream for example, Brigham's Mocha Chip with chocolate jimmies...sorry, I got a little carried away. Slurp. Gotta go.

    "Cuzzin" Anne Marie

  11. Oh I am so glad Charlie got ride of those soup plates that you served ice cream in. Have you tried the WW Mocha fudgicle? There are lots of low fat low sugar bars in the freezeer these days. The ice cream is loaded with fillers and it makes the ice cream swell--and so do we.
    I am giving ice cream the evil sign these days.I will be bringing out Body for Life ideas. Six small meals a day with lots of good things.

  12. Those dishes SO don't count as ice cream dishes! What is the point of such a small serving? ;-)
    I don't blame you if you eat straight from the carton. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!