Wednesday, July 23, 2008

and the winner ... (drumroll please)

Winning this contest with over 700 votes...

She is a Christian mom, Army wife, doula, and aspiring midwife...

She has had four kids in three years, including identical twin girls...

She is passionate about birth, babies, breastfeeding and all things natural...

She is currently pregnant with her second set of identical twins (this time boys!), due in September...

Let's give it up for....

Since she will soon have six children under the age of six ... including two sets of identical twins ... Heather's life most definitely classifies as twinsanity!!

Considering Heather will be in her ninth month of pregnancy in August, she is excused from posting a picture of herself running in a marathon with her new stroller. But don't think for a minute I don't want to see a picture of your beautiful babies in their new ride!!

Now, I must give a big thank you to everyone who participated in this contest.

Thank you to the people that wrote and shared their stories, thank you to the more than 1,700 people that voted, and of course, thank you to the people at Chicco for offering such a wonderful gift.

Congratulations again, Heather!! When you're not chasing (waddling?) after four little ones, please send me an e-mail with your address so that I can forward it on to the folks at Chicco and they can get your new stroller shipped out.

Wow. That was as much fun as post-season baseball!

What shall we do next?


  1. Congrats to Heather!

    I can't wait to find out what is next!

  2. Well deserved - AND I get to add another cool blog to my list! Yay Heather!

  3. Yay Heather! You have your hands full...I hope you have some help for when those next twins arrive! Thanks Jen for running this. :)

  4. Yay Heather! I'm so glad you won! You're one well deserving mama!

  5. Woo-hoo! I'm so glad Heather won!

  6. Thanks Jen for having this contest! I can't believe I won! Thanks to everyone who voted!

  7. One of many cuzzins'7/23/08, 11:13 AM

    Hi Jen!

    Just catching up on your posts for the past week or so. I've been away on a college search road trip. It seems like just yesterday when I was thinking about things like strollers, poopy pants and Goober. Now I am looking at colleges for my first born. With childrearing, time goes so quickly. You think you are never going to get through it and in the blink of an eye it is over. Inspite of the stress you sometimes feel, I am so happy that you can enjoy and appreciate your children and your wonderful family life. Take time to breath and just sit back and marvel at what you've been given.

    The stroller giveaway was fantastic. Good for you for helping someone out with such a generous prize. Sounds like Heather is deserving and will put it to good use.

    Welcome home from your journey! Will see you in December, ok?
    Smooches all around,

  8. Yeah, Heather! That is awesome. Now her hubby can push one set of twins and she can push the other set around. Very COOL!

  9. HI I was reading an older post, did you ever find a carrier? if not the absolute best one is an ergo pack I lived in Antigua Guatemala with my daughter for about 8 months and carried her everywhere in it, she is almost 2 now and I still use it. Its the only one that won't kill your back and shoulders plus you can use it on your front, back or side. I spent many of times doing stuff with her strapped to my back because she wanted to be held. Good Luck.

  10. Yeah Heather! I confess, after I read her story, I went back and told family/friends to change their votes and stop voting for me/my friend. We both agreed - Heather needs it way more then Sherry does.

    Jen - this was a fun contest. I enter them like a crazy person - this is the first one I ever made a mention at least. Thanks again!

  11. Congratulations to Heather! How amazing -- TWO sets of Identical twins??? WOW! All the best, Heather! :-)

  12. I think next we should have a competition to see who gets to go to a winery with Jen! Anyone else think that sounds like a blast?!

  13. Congratulations to Heather. I hope this eases your chores some. Best wishes.

  14. Yeah for Heather! Such a fun contest. Thanks, Jen!

  15. Thanks for the chance to win, Jen. And congratulations, Heather!

  16. Congrats to Heather :) And thanks Jen for an awesome giveaway!