Saturday, July 19, 2008

now, we vote

Oh good gracious was that difficult for me to go through and select "just" 10 contestants for the Great Twin Stroller Giveaway. I had no idea that I would receive so many incredible responses. I just wish that I had enough of these double strollers to give away to everyone who took the time to write.

Thank you for sharing your story!

But before I launch in to the contestants that I am going to solicit your help to vote for, I want to tell anyone who wrote that their double BOB is too big of a stroller and not something that they can take through the airport ... that is crazy talk!!

You just roll that puppy right up to the gate. Right past the gate, in many instances, right down the jet way and to the airplane. Then, you unload your tots, fold up your stroller - put a check ticket on it, and leave it for them to load. When you get off the plane and before you even walk to the terminal, your stroller is right there - waiting for you. There is no need to check it as luggage. There is no need to have a stroller bag. There is no need to worry about it getting damaged. I have taken our BOB dualie back and forth across the country at least six times. Even if I had a smaller stroller I wouldn't have taken it, because
I absolutely loved having that big old beast of a stroller to push through the airport since I could load EVERYTHING on it.

Car seats. Suitcases. Children.

I also wanted to say that if I could get my act in gear, I would be willing to have another contest in which I give away our Peg Perego Triplette stroller. The one that is STILL sitting in our garage a full two years after our children have stopped riding in it with any frequency. The one that we have said (over and over and over again) we need to sell on Craigslist, but have yet to do. So, stay tuned. If I can find a box big enough ... this might be something I'll consider doing (although shipping might cost as much as the stroller itself!)

Now, on to the next step in selecting a winner in the Great Twin Stroller Giveaway!

To the left - in my sidebar - I have set up a voting poll. Once you have read the contestants entries, please go and vote. If for some reason [my computer illiteracy, perhaps] the poll doesn't show up, please leave your vote in the comments section to this post.

The poll will close at 11:59 PM, Tuesday, July 22. The winner will be announced on July 23. If there is a tie - I will ask my mother to select a winner.

Here are our contestants...

Contestant Number 1: KRISTI (AKA: BAMAGIRL)!!

I need this stroller because the "baby" I thought was coming home from Guatemala LAST CHRISTMAS at a year old will hopefully be home by mid-Sept at almost 2 years old. Lest I forget that the quest for my daughter has taken twice as long and cost twice as much to attain.....I wouldn't change it for the world but every little bit helps. Not to mention that a double is a must since I have a 3 1/2 year old as well. And there's no front to back double in my future because I don't want Sydney's first words to be "HE'S KICKING ME!!!" And if I were to be lucky enough to WIN this BEAUTIFUL stroller, I will happily take pictures of both of my GuateTots being "jogged" through whichever US airport we get dropped into upon returning home while striving to have us much as ya'll did on your recent trip!!!

Contestant Number 2: BREE!!

OK, I need this stroller because my daughter, Kara, is seven months old this week, and at the end of May, my husband, Luke, and I found out that SURPRISE! I am pregnant with Number Two, who's due in February. We are currently crammed in a two-bedroom apartment and trying to save our money for a house, so money is tight, and I am still freaking out over a surprise baby. Plus, I love the Chicco brand. We have the car seat and rave about it all the time. We also have the infant stroller, the high chair, and the backpack carrier. I'm not sure if we could afford to buy the double stroller, but we love it and would love to add it to our Chicco collection.

Contestant Number 3: HEATHER!!

You'd think that someone with 4 children already wouldn't NEED a double stroller. However, the Maclaren twin we used with the boys (ages 5 & 4) has barely lasted through the twin girls (now 2.) And with twins on the way again, it might be nice to have an option other than the freak show quad stroller that we'll be using when I'm out by myself. Until the new twins are big enough for the Choo Choo wagon I have no idea how I'm going to do it! I am quite sure the quad stroller won't even fit into a regular-sized elevator.

Contestant Number 4: JODY!!

I would love this stroller because it would honestly make life so much easier! I am a foster to adopt mother of two beautiful little girls that are 5 months to the day apart. The oldest is 15 months and the youngest is 10 months. We hope have their adoptions finalized within the next few months. I realize it's probably not the most moving of stories, but due to foster care confidentiality reasons I am not able to elaborate until after adoption on the rollercoaster ride we have been on for the last 15 months to adopt these sweet baby girls. But they're my world and I think if any kiddo's deserve a super cool double stroller to go out and about in, it's definitely them :o)

Contestant Number 5: HANNAH!!

I am a brand new mommy of 3 month old twin boys- my miracle babies. After several years of TTC, we were blessed on our 3rd IVF/ICSI cycle with these babies. Getting pregnant was a trial and the pregnancy itself was very difficult. We had one bad report after another about the babies and their health in utero. After a horrendous pregnancy of being confined to bed for most of the time (5 of those weeks in the hospital), my boys were born at 32 weeks and spent 5 weeks in the NICU. Despite the grim reports in utero, my 3 pound and 4 pound babies came out fighting and are doing great, with a few bumps in the road here and there. Needless to say, I am ready to be OUTSIDE!! However, my darling baby "B" hates his carseat and the only stroller we currently have is the double snap n go. When I have tried to go for walks with them, I end up carrying him and pushing the large stroller with one hand... not the easiest job. This stroller would help me regain access to the world again, as I have been so confined for so many months!

Contestant Number 6: JUDY!!

I would love to win this for my friend. She is the mother of 8 - just had her 8th (and last) this past fall and had some serious complications including of all things, a heart attack. I couldn't make this up if I tried. Her 10 year old has since become best buds with my 9 year old and we really are enjoying getting to know this special family. Sherry has a 9 month old and an almost 2 year old and this would be perfect for them - heck, her 4 year old would probably fit if they were wearing the baby!

Contestant Number 7: BROOKE!!

We're finally expecting #2 in Nov and on the search for a double stroller. We were planning to sell our single stroller to help fund the purchase, until we loaned it to friends (in pristine condition - our first refused to ride in it until he was almost 18mths) who left it out in the rain... and now we can't get the mud out. With the resale value now next to nothing, we can't afford the stroller we were planning on (a Phil and Ted's, not that we had a spare $500 in the first place!) If we win, I can't promise a marathon, but I can promise pics from Stroller Strides, which I will be joining once bub is 6 weeks old!

Contestant Number 8: DENISE!!

Well, our van got stolen in april and it was returned stripped. Four car seats and my stroller. I lost my job recently and have yet to find another one. My family is going through a very difficult time right now and we could use something nice.

Contestant Number 9: HEATHER IN CA!!

Let's why would I LOVE to have this stroller? Well my twins and third surprise have blessed my life in more ways than I can imagine. They also can completely torture me when we don't have a stroller. I am currently out of a stroller since my duo glider has dumped out on me after pushing the kiddos and I can no longer lift my quad stroller (65lbs) into my sweet ride of a minivan! So currently my trio and I are stuck at home unless I can scrouge up money for a babysitter to come help me take the kiddos out to play. My husband is a wonderful man who works very hard so we could afford IF treatments and for me to stay home with the girls. So the budget is fixed and no room for a stroller. I know that this is an amazing gift you have been given and it is so sweet that you are paying it forward to someone else. Hopefully if I can win this stroller I can get out of the house again and set a goal to enter some type of walk with the girls.

Contestant Number 10: PENELOPE!!

Oh that stroller looks perfect for us - I'm due in 8 weeks with our second child and my first, who has been walking everywhere for a year and a half, has just decided she loves the stroller again. BUT I am in Australia, so probably a bit too far away for your competition... (we'll see what Chicco says. I didn't see anything about the winner having to be in the US!!)

Ready, set, VOTE!!


  1. OK, now I have to ask you about traveling with the BOB! :-)

    Unless I've missed something, it doesn't latch closed when folded. Do you bring a bungee cord or something? I would love to bring mine when we go to VA next month, but I didn't think it possible!


  2. OK, now a peg triplette...that's a contest I'd enter! I have triplets and no triple stroller!!!I'd even drive and pick it up!

  3. I would like to vote for Contestant number 5..Hannah.

  4. Ok, I voted.
    I usually read your posts and absolutely insist to my husband that we have more babies. But now, um...well....not so much. I am well past the stroller stage and I guess I don't miss it.
    I am not however, past the headache of getting my children out of the house every day. My 14-year-old daughter is on the go ALL THE TIME and I, of course, am the one who wears the chauffer's hat. Good Lord!! The logictics involved in carting her and her friends to the pool, mall, park (to watch boys play ball) softball games, is getting exhausing.
    I need the stroller for myself and my husband.
    If I could buy a stroller for all the entrants I would.

  5. Hey Jen - Thanks for picking my entry as a finalist!! Sydney loves her "cheapo" stroller that I left for her fostermom in Guatemala and on our visits, that's where she is most comfortable if she gets upset. It's been a saving grace more times than I can remember. Can't wait to see your next adventure........

    Much love -

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  7. Goddess in Progress: There should be a running strap that came with the stroller that you can wrap around your wrist whenever you are out walking/jogging.

    The strap has a patch of velcro on it >> so when you fold the stroller, it doesn't "latch" necessarily, you just wrap the strap around the handlebars and secure the velcro.

    IF your stroller doesn't come with a strap (which it should, maybe contact BOB directly for one??) I would definitely consider using a bungee cord just to get you through your trip. I would definitely bring the BOB on your vacation to VA. I never leave home without (at least) one of mine!!

    Cindy & Brian: Where do you live?? That might be an option!!

  8. I tried to vote, but it won't process my request. I vote for Hannah!

  9. Is it only one stroller? I have voted for 2,3,4,5 and 9.

  10. Hi Jen,

    It's one of your many Cuzzins again!

    What compelling stories, I have been flip-flopping over several choices. One of my own twin sisters still laments {45 years later}about ALWAYS being placed in the back seat of the tamdem stroller.

    Poor contestant Number 8 Denise, all of her modes of transportation were stolen. How devastating.

    However, my vote is with the Friend of Judy, contestant Number 6. As if having eight kids was not challenging enough, this poor woman suffered a heart attack. Friend of Judy should be the winner of the stroller, no doubt in my mind.

    Sorry we missed you on your cross country trip, perhaps we can arrange a get together in December.

    Hope to see you soon,


  11. Oh my goodness, I just read all the entries and they all sound so worthy of winning that I can't decide who to vote for. I think it is great that you are doing this contest!!

  12. I voted for HEATHER!!! You go girl! I hope you win!!!

  13. Oh my gosh! Thanks for choosing me!!!

  14. I wasn't sure how to vote so can you put one in for Heather? (not Heather in CA - To be specific)


  15. I'm not sure where to vote, but I want to vote for Kristi!

  16. I'm not sure how to vote either. But I vote for Contestant #3 Heather.

  17. Jen,

    I want to say I am so honored to have been considered. It means so much to me that you think I am deserving of this. I know that there are some other moms out there who are just as desp. in need of a stroller for our family as some others. Thank you I am so honored. I know that whomever this stroller finds a home to is so well deserving of it.
    Heather CA