Monday, July 21, 2008

we'll be entirely grey by the end of summer

There's something about the second baby.

Or rather, the baby resulting from a second pregnancy.

Not only does Henry have older siblings that he can observe and learn from, I seem to be a lot more relaxed with him than I ever was with our triplets. As a result, my little baby seems to be doing new things at an accelerated pace.

For instance, the triplets didn't drink from a straw until they were 16-months old.

They weren't able to scale furniture until they were at least 17-months old.

And they didn't climb to the top of a slide...

... turn around ...

... and slide back down, until they were at least 24-months old.

I don't know what panicked Charlie more ... telling him that we need to consider taking apart some of the play structure to keep Henry safe. Or, telling him that because Henry was growing up so fast, it might be time to consider baby number five.


  1. LOL! By Christmas he will be making his own PB&J's.

  2. It's definitely a second child/pregnancy thing. My daughter (a week older than Henry I think) follows her big brother around and copies him exactly - yesterday I found her climbing to the top of her highchair (on a stone floor - eek!!). Definitely a good 6 months ahead on the physicality, and I am certainly more relaxed about it all. It's nice to see them achieving their goals without feeling as much panic second time round!!

  3. He just wants to do what his big brother and sisters do! Seriously, though, I wouldn't worry about the marathon when you are running after 4 toddlers :)

  4. And you thought I was making it up when I said Austin was potty trained and could swing himself when he turned two. The "second" kid not only has role models to follow, but also has more opportunity to learn because they have older kid stuff available. Austin was riding a two wheeler right after he turned two because he hopped on Gregorys' and took off. If you would have had that slide up and in your yard from the time they were Henry's age, they would have been doing it too! I think it's hysterical and I love that Austin and Henry get all this freedom. It's like they were born into Disneyland!

  5. Holy cow, he is amazing!

  6. Yay for confident babies!