Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer 2016 Vacay - Stop 1, Part 3 (the salty dogs)

After a full day at Sea World on Friday, and an equally full day at Legoland on Saturday - on Sunday, once there was more availability in local hotels - we packed up from our tiny motel in northern San Diego County, and headed to a bay-front resort in the heart of San Diego.

My friend, Michelle, and her family had a little beach-front bungalow within walking distance, so we migrated between the two locations.






We all went paddle boarding, which we'd never done before - and had a great time.





There were so many people we would have loved to have seen like our old neighbors, but we were only there for a few days, and were really opposed to driving all over town - especially when we had digs right on the beach.  Some of our old triplet friends joined us and it was so awesome seeing them and catching up with kids who we've known since ... in utero!  I'm not sure why I managed to get a picture of us closing up our children in the sofa bed, but didn't get a good picture of everyone together, but many thanks to Jeanmarie, Kenny, Tommy and Jamie for spending TWO days with us!


We left San Diego on Tuesday morning after we had breakfast with our dear friend, Virginia.  My mother met Virginia in 1998 during one of her stints at the Optimum Health Institute.   I forget exactly how they met, but I think it was at a senior action event in Balboa Park.  My first memory of Virginia was going to a dancing class with she and my mom - and from that point on, Virginia has been a fixture in our lives.


Virginia has been a surrogate grandmother to the children, who came to the hospital when the triplets were born and spent a lot of time holding them in the NICU.  When Henry was born, she was with us - and has doted over every first as if these children were her own.  And when one of Charlie's co-workers was married and we attended the wedding, Virginia came over the first time we ever left the children with a non-family babysitter, in order to be our "Live Nanny Cam."

Suffice it to say, Virginia adores us, and we adore her. And there was no way we could leave San Diego without seeing her ... even if it meant that some of the children wore their pajama tops because we'd been on the road for six days, and had only packed four days worth of clothes.   It turns out, fancy hotels don't have laundry facilities and we were opposed to spending $6.00 to wash a single t-shirt.


Virginia was so happy to see us, she didn't even mind.