Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer 2016 Vacay - Stop 1, Part 2 (Lego your money)

After a full, fun day at Sea World on Friday, we spent an equally full, fun day at Legoland on Saturday.


Once again, we were joined by our good friend, Michelle, and her family.  The eleven of us had a great day roaming around the park and trying to ride as many rides as possible.


A highlight of the day for Charlie, was when we spotted this boat ride. This has always been one of his favorites. (Look how LITTLE the kids are in those pictures, they can't even see above the fence!) The ride itself isn't that interesting, but spectators have the opportunity to squirt riders as they make their way around the course.


Charlie gave the kids pointers for how they could line up on all four of the water canyons and get people wet for the entire 100 feet that they were in sight by keeping one rider in their sights.


Because the range of the canons is only 90 degrees, he carefully instructed them how one sprays from 0 to 90 degrees; another picks up from 91 to 180 degrees; another from 181 to 270 degrees, and another from 271 to 360 degrees.

You know, plus or minus.


As for the poor people on the boat, sure - they TRIED to fire back and defend themselves, but within a matter of seconds it was evident there wasn't much they could do except duck.


Charlie tried to keep a straight face during the whole thing, and talk out of the side of his mouth, because he didn't want the people in the boat to know that a grown man was tormenting them.  When people would stare at him, he'd point to the children as if it was ALL THEM.

Some things never change. 


Right around the time he completed maximum saturation of this guy who was covered from neck to calf in menacing tattoos, and turned around to glare in our general direction - giving us the first sensation that we might actually incur physical harm for all of our watery fun, we made haste for the Lego Racetrack.



Legoland really WAS fun, but I remember enjoying it so much more when we lived in San Diego and were annual members.  Back in the day, we could just drop in on a mid-morning in say, February, and have the whole park to ourselves.


It's just not the same experience when you fork out almost $100 per person on tickets and then have to wait for 30 minutes or more to get on a ride that lasts less than a minute.


Because I'm all for getting the most out of our investment, we were at the park from nearly the moment it opened, until the moment it closed.


William with William.  Our William was nicknamed Shakespeare by his third grade teacher because of his love and talent for writing.


Elizabeth with Elizabeth.  Somewhere, I have a picture of Elizabeth when she was infant, held by my sister Elizabeth, posing in front of Queen Lego Elizabeth.  I'll need to track that down at some point.


I'm so glad Michelle and her family were with us to squeeze every last ounce of fun out of the day. They were just as committed to stay and get their full money's worth as we were.


When we think back on this day, I'm hopeful confident we won't think about the money spent or the crowds endured, but the awesome time with our family and friends.  There was so much laughter and excitement.


And that's what it's all about.