Thursday, February 04, 2016

henry's hut

A few weeks ago, Henry came home with a 2nd grade assignment, that he needed to "construct a house of materials found from nature."  We kept his instructional piece of paper on our desk and looked at it ... at least several times.


We discussed how we'd take a fun family outing and collect various materials found from nature, and leisurely build this house.  Oh yes, we had plans. But as life often happens, time goes WHOOSH and the assignment was suddenly due the next day.

And so it is, I was tasked with figuring out what and how to build this house from nature.  Henry was appointed the job of developing a plan for how he wanted his house constructed, and then - along with his incredibly helpful brother - collected materials from the back yard.  Soon it was his bedtime, so I was left alone to put the pieces together.  I pulled out the glue gun and built a frame. Then I started to affix the sides and roof.  In the end, this is what his house looked like:


I thatched together a ladder, and affixed an "H" from pine needles to depict that this was Henry's Hut.  Because Charlie was out of town on a trip, I was sending him pictures and lamenting that anyone who knows anything would know that if this was up to a second grader to construct - completely on their own - it would be a pile of sticks or rocks.


Ruh-roh ... I did it again.


I sent my sister, Marylou, a text message with a picture of the house and she wrote me back and said, "Wow! He did a great job!!!"  And I wrote her back and said, "He?!"

The day it was due, I drove Henry to school because I didn't want to risk how it would transport on the bus.  And when I abashedly stopped in to his class later that evening during Open House to see the other "Nature Houses" that had been constructed by his class, I quickly realized I shouldn't have been so concerned.


Yep. It's amazing how talented these second graders are!


Over-achiever's unite ...


... In the form of a perfectly constructed bean house!