Sunday, February 22, 2015

yesterday and today (alternate title(s): my man from Canada, a mid-altantic winter, or this is why snow skiing on the east coast is so icy)

Yesterday, the temperature was below freezing and it snowed all day.  This was the scene from our couch, where we laid beneath blankets, watching Sabrina. It was beautiful.


We took a break to go sledding for a few hours, and the conditions were so awesome, we had to dig our heels in to the snow before we flew down the embankment in to the creek.


There was a twilight snowball fight (Charlie and I totally dominated)...


And a lot of snowman building, including the construction of this hood ornament (by Elizabeth), which I think every vehicle needs in winter...


After a week of freezing, single digit temperatures, with wind chills of below zero - today, the temperature is in the high 40s. It feels like spring and Charlie's out shoveling our driveway in shorts and sandals.


You can take the boy out of California, but you can't take California out of the boy.