Tuesday, April 22, 2014

the fountain of youth

We've been in Florida for 10 days and while on this vacation, we've collectively exercised more than we have in the past year.  Carolyn and I are up at sunrise almost every morning, and we walk at least two miles on the beach to start our day.


We're then in the pool - swimming laps, and racing each other to see who can swim the whole length of the pool, underwater, the fastest.  We play games that involve throwing small rocks in to the pool that we then have to find and pick up - with our feet. And then we race each other some more, with rocks between our toes and our feet held high above the water.  (It isn't easy!)  


We run back and forth from the beach to the pool and the pool to the beach, where we dive under waves and fight currents. We dig deep holes and build high sandcastles. We crouch down and examine loads of seashells, before selecting the best of the lot and then hauling 10 pounds of them around the seashore.


We climb six flights of stairs to my mother and Jim's apartment, before climbing another flight of stairs to our apartment on the seventh floor.  We run back and forth between the apartments during the evening to pick up various ingredients for dinners, and items needed for sleepovers.  Each and every day, we've been getting a full body (and spirit) work out, without consciously realizing it.


All this to say, we absolutely love Florida. I've felt physically, spiritually, and mentally healthier over the past 10 days, than I have anywhere in the past several years.  There's something about the sun, surf, sand, and mingling with the snowbird crowd that is predominantly >70 years old, that is extremely rejuvenating.


I've done some research and have discovered there are reasonably priced apartments for sale in this building and I'm really thinking we should buy one and move here, forever.   I believe it's entirely possible to fit six people in a two bedroom.  Charlie believes it's entirely insane and has all kinds of reasons why it wouldn't work.


I'm starting to think that he thinks way too much.

Life is nothing if not a daring adventure!