Sunday, April 20, 2014

my easter birthday

My research has shown that Easter has only fallen on April 20th four times since 1875.


The last time Easter fell on 4/20 was in 2003.  I remember the date clearly, because the day before, Charlie had bought me a bright red convertible for my birthday, that we drove around on Easter Sunday.  My birthday, April 20th, the following year, was spent learning that I was expecting triplets and the bright red convertible I had received the year before would soon be replaced for a minivan.

It was an excellent exchange. 

We have been in Florida for the past week, enjoying the beach life with my mother and Jim. This morning I woke up to see the sun rise over our porch...


Charlie and I had our mugs of refreshments ... him = coffee, me = orange juice.

(Life is indeed Good!)


... while our girls ran around collecting Easter Eggs (that we then had to re-hide so that they could find them again).


Our boys spent the night at Noni and Jimbo's apartment, directly downstairs, and we weren't expecting to see them until later.  But before we had a chance to get out of our pajamas, we were surprised by a little entourage of birthday greeters - including my mother's neighbor - who came toting all kinds of birthday paraphernalia.  (Oops, just noticed everyone was out of their pajamas except me.)


The rest of the day flew past, as they so often do. There was a wonderful brunch that Charlie and my mother whipped up, bocci playing, pool splashing, a dinner party with the neighbors, and peaceful quiet time spent with my mother - the two of us talking for just a few minutes, before bed.   But what I hope to remember about this Easter birthday...

Is that it was really the perfect day.