Tuesday, January 29, 2013

let's not repeat this story at sunday school

Henry is in a Christian preschool and it has been going great. In addition to learning his alphabet and numbers, and the importance of sharing with peers his age, he is learning to take direction from others, and how to sit still for music lessons and story time.  He learns a different Bible verse every week and will often share them with us during dinner.  


As it turns out, Henry is still in a phase where he is adamant that he wants to marry me.  Sometimes, when his siblings want to drive him crazy, they'll whisper, "Henry, I'm going to marry Mom. She isn't going to marry you anymore." Henry will inevitably burst in to tears, which will prompt me to respond, "Guys, you know I'm going to marry Henry. Please don't make him upset..."  

So, yes. Of course I'm somewhat to blame for encouraging his Oedipus Complex. 

These days, he doesn't call me "Mom" anymore, he calls me "Sweetie" or "Honey" or "Sweetie Honey Pie."  It's the cutest darn thing I've ever seen. Especially when I walk in to pick him up from preschool and he screams, "Oh yay!! My HONEY is here!!" Recently, he was telling his father that he was going to marry me. I should probably point out that marriage to our five-year-old means that he dresses up in his little button down striped oxford shirt and I wear a dress. Then he holds my hands and we dance to The Wiggles (Henry the Octopus) in the kitchen. At the end, I'll scoop him up and plant a kiss on his cheek. Per this practice, we've been "married" no less than 27 times in 2013. 

Charlie, accustomed to this routine will always smile and respond, "Oh no you don't, she's MY wife!" whenever Henry (literally) proposes such an idea.  But tonight when Charlie tried to thwart his young son's plans, Henry became indignant. "I AM TOO GOING TO MARRY MY HONEY!" he declared. "AND THEN..." he continued in his sweet little voice, "WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!" Henry stood silently for a moment, before he concluded, "... and we are going to name him Jesus!" 


Charlie and I both tried to suppress our laughter as I said, "Henry, I love you completely, but you might be taking this a little too far..." 

Honestly, I'm not too alarmed. It just goes to show my son has BIG plans. If he was enrolled in a Buddhist preschool as opposed to Christian, I imagine he would have wanted to name his child Siddhartha. 


  1. Oh Jen! Henry is too cute! What a sweetheart!

  2. So gorgeous! I had a student like this in my kindergarten class. I mean in regards to the 'honey' and 'sweetie' names. He would call me his girlfriend and tell everyone! Absolutely a delight, I'm sure Henry is the same!

  3. hahaha, too funny! Makes me feel like I am cutting out a lot of fun from my daughters' and my life by being too truthful :P

  4. Too cute. It made me laugh out loud.... literally.

  5. you probably see this every day, hundreds of times a day... But Henry sure looks like Carolyn in this picture! WOW

  6. Goodness. I just laughed so hard. So precious!! Melts my heart how much he loves you!

  7. Dear Jen, That is so sweet and loving and I suggest you enjoy it for as long as it lasts, because when he is a teenager and KNOWS EVERYTHING and is smarter than everyone in the whole world especially you it will come to an end. My (baby) son is now twenty eight and a father but when he was little he was also in love with me, and wanted to marry me. It was rather shocking to me that he hated me at 14 and then tolerated me at 19 and now (bless his sweet heart) I'm the best Mom in the world but sadly (and thankfully) he no long wants to marry me! He told his daddy that when he was grown up he would marry me and get to sleep in the big bed then daddy would have to sleep in his little one. LOL! I sure do enjoy your posts Jen your family stories are great.

  8. I used to read your blog daily a couple years ago. We moved and I didn't keep up with many of the blogs I followed. But I just looked your blog up and wow! I can't believe how much your kiddo's have grown! Especially Henry! What a little sweet heart.