Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The Secret Santa Reveal Party...


Since Henry is the only four-year-old in the neighborhood, he went first to receive his third and final Secret Santa gift. Once he opened the present, he had to guess who, of all the neighborhood children, had been leaving presents on our doorstep for the past two weeks. But once Henry opened his gift - a bag full of dinosaurs - he lost all track of sense and reason. He couldn't guess who his Secret Santa was. All he could do was repeat, "Oh my goodness! OH MY GOODNESS!" Is this for me?!"

The kindergartners went next, followed by the first graders.


Followed by the second, third, fourth ... all the way to eighth graders.
The parents stood around chatting and commenting on all the joy that the children get to experience when they deliver presents as Secret Santa. Shockingly, three of the four families we had been assigned, accurately guessed it was us. It seems despite our best efforts at camouflage, people still saw our children as they were running out of the yard(s) as fast as their small legs would carry them.

This is our second Christmas living in the neighborhood and our second year participating in this event. From what I understand - the Secret Santa tradition extends for decades. It's such a fun activity and although I'd offered to host it at our home next year....


We'd need to find a couch that comfortably seats 25 children.