Monday, March 21, 2011

spring in my step

Today marks the first day of Spring and I'm trembling with anticipation.


Yesterday morning, I was awoken early by our children who were running around the house yelling that there were FLOWERS in the back yard. This seemed unfathomable to me, since when we left on our vacation, a mere seven days prior, our yard was devoid of all color, except brown. But when I climbed out of bed and peeked through the window, surely enough, there were random patches of yellow in the yard.


Seeing this splash of color, among the barren trees, was like pure magic and nearly took my breath away. When I looked around the yard, I could see that all of the trees are now sporting the smallest little buds. Just waiting...

The kids got dressed and rushed outside to play. A few minutes later, they returned, holding hand fulls of beautiful flowers for me. While we don't have any daffodils in our yard, it appears that our neighbors do. Or rather, did.



In addition to being the first day of Spring, today marks my first day back to work after an awesome reprieve. It's funny, because when I took the time off from work - I did it with great hesitation. I've got so many things happening both at home and the office, I had erroneously convinced myself that I was far too busy for a break and would be unable to clear my mind.

Turns out, that wasn't a problem at all and this morning when I lifted my work bag for the first time in more than a week, I was struck by how heavy it felt. This made me realize when you can hardly lift your briefcase after a vacation, you really needed the time off and/or you've got far too much stuff in your bag.

(In my case, it's probably more of the latter, although, I can rationalize the need for both a first aid and sewing kit in my bag. What if I need a band-aid or Tylenol? And what if a button pops off my trousers or worse yet, they split when I'm bending over to pick up something?! So long as I have a needle and thread, I feel like I'm covered. Literally.)

Today, on this first day of Spring ... I've got a mug full of flowers and I'm celebrating.


The moment - life - and our next vacation, which we're already starting to plan.


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