Wednesday, September 08, 2010

and ... they're off

Yesterday was our first day of Kindergarten. Here is the compulsory picture of our children standing in front of a beautiful tree in OUR NEW (!) front yard.


(Note the wound on Elizabeth's face as a result of a stick that nearly gouged out her eye. Two days later and my heart is still pounding at what might have happened had it been an inch to the left. We didn't have sticks in California. Hopefully, the novelty wears off before I lose my voice from yelling, "STOP TOUCHING THE STICKS!" I'm sure the neighbors are wondering, "Then WHY did you buy a house in a FOREST?")

I drove them on their first day because with the 100 pounds worth of glue sticks school supplies, I didn't expect that my three children, who weigh about 100 pounds across the lot of them, could actually haul that load off to school without some kind of assistance. I had fully expected that I'd walk them in to their classroom and take a few pictures and weep or do something comparable and messy to my mascara.

(Which I now must wear everyday, seeing as I work in an office.)

But once I arrived in the parking lot, the Assistant Principal quickly shuffled the children out of my car - took the supplies from me - gave me a big smile, and said "goodbye!" as he quickly led the children in to the school. For a few long moments, I sat in the parking lot wondering what had just happened?

Am I sad because my babies are formally off to school?


And YES, they are still and always will be my babies, but Good Lord, those children are feeling their oats and they need to be in a CLASSROOM.

With other children.

And an adult that isn't me.

Or my husband.

So then, as I pulled out of the parking lot, I might have driven to work while composing an Opera to the wondrous being that concocted the notion of school.

Last night, as I was tucking them in to bed, William said, "Mom, you know what? Today, we had this fun thing at school that they call "recess." And I really loved it." He paused and then added, "But then you know what I really didn't love? When I was right in the middle of PLAYING, the teacher blew this loud whistle that hurt my ears and she made us go BACK INSIDE and that was terrible. But you know what? I think I'd like school a whole lot more if I could just do that recess thing all the time and eat snacks. Because I like that, too. Mommy, all day the only thing I really want to do is eat and play."

That's my boy.

Today, we walked our children to the end of OUR NEW (!) street where we rendezvoused with the other neighborhood children, who were with their parents (clutching over sized coffee mugs), and their dogs, and within a matter of minutes, this GREAT BIG YELLOW BUS that would cart my little children away to the institution that is school appeared.

And I'll admit, there might have been a little knot in my throat and tear in my eye as crossing guards escorted my once three-pound preemies on to their bus...


But once they drove away and I caught sight of three little faces wearing the widest grins I've ever seen, Charlie and I turned around and happily skipped the whole way home.

In conclusion: every one of us ... except Henry who cried because he is too wittle to go on the "tool bus" absolutely and positively loves school.


The End.


  1. Hurrah! You go, big kindergarteners!!!!!

  2. Aw, poor Henry. Glad your children are enjoying school, and glad that you are finally in your new home.

  3. Time flies *sigh* So glad you are all loving and I know that when Henry is big enough he will too!

  4. Happy School Year!!
    Fun post : )

  5. Have I told you that I love your posts!!

    I can't believe that it has been 20 years since I've had a first day of school. I used to love to have the kids filing in, and all of the hustle and bustle that goes with that first day!

    Wonderful times, wonderful memories!

    Have a great time as you guide them through this school experience. I know you will!!


  6. Great photos! Thanks for sharing your special first day. How lucky you are to have a school bus in your neighborhood -- that's definitely not something you see often in your former state with the condition of our public schools...

  7. Oh that's great. Hey Jen, pioneer woman is holding a photography contest and the theme is funny. I really think you should enter that santa photo. You know the one. I still chuckle thinking of it.

  8. Ah Henry, it is hard being a sibling to triplets. Our Holden was beside himself the first day of school this year when the trips went off to school. He doesn't go on Mondays but does go Tues/Thursdays and didn't understand why they were going with out him. Tuesday when it was his turn he was absolutely beaming and practically the only kid in the 2s class not crying at drop off.

  9. Congratulations to Elizabeth, Carolyn, and William on starting their school adventure!

    Congratulations to Jen and Charlie on surviving and thriving during the first 5+ years as full time parents to triplets)!

    Congratulations to Henry on knowing how to block his face from the paparazzi during his time of stress!

  10. Oh school what a wonderful thing it is and isn't!! Darn it I love it but hate it too. I can't believe all of mine will be in school full time next year!! YIKES where did the time go!?!

  11. Congratualtions William, Carolyn and Elizabeth on starting school. I wish you every success and hope you have a wonderful time.

    And Henry, your time will come!

  12. How adorable! My son, William, just started Kindergarten too. I almost laughted (cried) outloud about your description of the principal meeting you at the car...etc.

    It's a big year. Thank you for sharing with all of us. I love your blog & appreciate all your struggles. The transitions are so hard & yet so wonderful when we let go....I'm still learning to do that but you are doing great!

  13. Love the first day pic--the lighting is perfect by your front yard tree.

    Have you been calling for each other in the house yet? Our house is twice as big as our last one and the first week we kept losing each other: "Where are you?"

    The little peeks of the house/yard/neighbourhood you've been giving It looks so worth the many hassles you had!!

  14. You know, I'm with William. I'd really love to have recess and snacks all day too.

    I'm so glad things are finally settling down for you and that the kids are enjoying their new school!

  15. Awe. Gee. I can't believe it!!!! Congrats to all! (I think) ;-) (excuse me while I go blow my nose. sniff)Love, Marg

  16. I'd like to give you and Charlie and big, old HIGH FIVE. School is AWESOME.

    It is so dang awesome, there are not even WORDS, girlfriend. Can you imagine you were going to homeschool????

    I loved the pictures. Loved them. Welcome to the School Club. We start cocktails at 3pm. Don't be late.

  17. I am so happy for y'all. I have seriously been worried for you this summer, just hoping things will work out okay for you and you can get settled. After looking at your school pictures, I can tell all is going to be great. Awesome!!

  18. Yay!!! What a good day:) My friend has more good news I wanted to share with you
    so cute:)

  19. Henry's alligator looks like Shayna's Allie the Alligator - her most prized possession. Speaking of possession, how is your ghost doing, now that you guys have moved in? Miss ya'!!!!

  20. HOW WONDERFUL it all is!!! BTW I'm so happy your photos are back :o) they are always so vivid and colorful -just beautiful seeing the yellow bus with the kids in fall! Congratulations MOMMY you did it, next will be the angst of parent teacher conferences X3!

  21. First Day of School!!! So Sweet!

    Question: The young lady at the end of the row with the crossing guard belt...that was cool and a very good idea.

    Poor Henry!

  22. Ah man. I am teary! Congrats guys. We miss you. Want to meet at Dolphin Beach tomorrow . . . oh yeah . . . . .


  23. Fantastic; well, except for the sad Henry part.


  24. Love the line up for the bus picture, memories, memories in the corner of my mind ...

    Poor Henry, the trials and tribulations of the the baby of the family, what heartfelt tears. DId he adjust to the idea that he has Dad ALL TO HIMSELF for a few hours?

  25. Seriously so cute! All the pics! And I shared with another triplet mom with 3year olds how many glue sticks you had to buy and how expensive it is! I just sent our freshman off to public high shcool and X3?..We're talking $500 easy, not including clothes! Crazy! Poor Henry! I hope he won't cry every day!