Wednesday, June 23, 2010

slip sliding away

We're leaving in about two weeks and we really should be getting the house ready for sale. Even though we'll have professional movers get us from point A to point B, there is much to be done.


Here's a partial list of what we need to be doing: steam clean the grout, paint the baseboards and all the window trim, wash the windows inside and out, replace the caulking in the bathroom, install concrete patch on front step, fix outdoor lights, sort through our closets and garage, clean out our attic crawl space.


Here's what a partial list of what we are doing: eat Dove squares and reflect on the profound messages on the inside wrapper, go to the swimming pool, go to the movie theater, take mid-afternoon naps, play on our new Slip 'n Slide.


Charlie didn't realize just how fast he'd go once he hit that plastic.


(Out of the way kids, Daddy's coming through!!)


(CHARLIE! CHARLIE! WAIT!! The label says that people over 110 pounds shouldn't use it!!)


I'm just tickled that he was able to stop before he went flying off the end at 50 mph, or we'd also need to add, "replace fence panel" to our gargantuan list of things to do.


  1. We are also on the move. Right after I commented that you should stay, we decided to move. It was a thought, then a proposal, and now a full blown plan. I should be doing many of the same things that you are, but instead I'm having playdates and going to movies. Thankfully I have 2 teenagers to help out instead of triplets making it more "fun". We also have unil school starts in August to get where we are going. We are moving from a cold rainy place to a warm sunny place!

    Have you found a house yet?

  2. Fun!!! Big kids, I mean people, love to play in the water too!

  3. I ;ove your backyard. It looks so pretty. Now is that real grass?? I have never seen a kids playset with swings that doesn't have the worn out places where their feet hit the ground. If it is real how do you keep it looking so nice

  4. I love your blog and the new look is cool but very difficult to read. When I first saw the road you are navigating it was so blurry I thought I needed new glasses. I hope you don't mind constructive criticism. I'm just saying and wonder if others agree.

    nonna2trips in MD

  5. OK, did it hurt? Did he end up w/bruises? When Jeff's cousin did it last year to show his kids, his entire front was one big bruise and he could barely stand. Just isn't quite how I remembered it as a kid!

  6. Nonna - I appreciate constructive criticism!

    I actually wasn't planning to change the design of my blog but I received an e-mail yesterday from BlogHer that my ad was too low. So, in the process of finding a new layout, I stumbled upon this one. It was late when I chose it, but what I like is that it's a white background with dark lettering which to me is easier to read (if you aren't distracted by the blurry road.)

    I'll probably experiment more, once I have some time. Or - I'll hire a professional and have the blog redesigned as I've always wanted.

    Time. I just need more time...!!

  7. MrsButterCup >> no, we haven't found a house yet. I figure we'll do that once we get there.

    Anon >> the grass is real. The kids don't drag their feet on the swing set which helps preserve the lawn. We also have a professional gardener come once a week who fertilizes and prunes and keeps everything alive and green. I really like to have our yard looking nice, so for $120.00/mo, it's some of the best money we spend.

    Kahla, Charlie loved it and no bruises yet. Maybe because the grass is so squishy, or as Charlie says ... he is?? :)

  8. You almost forgot.... invite the Bartees over.... please add that to your list. We are good helpers!!

  9. Like your new look. Seems fitting as you move into your new life - well if you get through your list : )

  10. We are planning on moving in the spring. Our list is equally as long. It's a little overwhelming.

    On a different topic...I remember reading a post you had about how to tie your tennis shoes so that your feet don't fall asleep when you run. It was an issue for me when I read it, but I wasn't really working out. I am training for a 5K, and would love to know how to do it now. Can you send me the link to that post?


  11. Heather, you're not the first person to ask for this link > so I posted it on my front page under the title, "Worthy Of Mention" ... "Solving the Saga of the Sleepy Feet."

    Here'a link, too:

    Hope it helps!

  12. Seems like the slip and slide is on everyone's list of summer fun activities. No worries... both Jim and I are well over the weight limit and we both went down. I even put up pictures... LOL

  13. Thanks so much for the link!