Friday, June 25, 2010

home: where the grass is always the greenest (except for where you baked it under a 16-foot strip of plastic)

Charlie has been out of town at a business meeting for the past several days and returned home, tonight. I kept the kids up an hour past their bedtime so that they could see their father.

They were so excited. They've missed him so much.


When he walked in the front door, the kids were in the backyard playing.


They didn't hear him come in. So I grabbed my camera and took pictures of the reunion.


In the midst of the hugging and kissing and "Oh I missed you!" and "I'm so glad you are home!" and "I am so happy to see you again!" Charlie asked, "Children. What happened to the lawn?"


Without hesitation, the children tattled, "Mommy left the Slip N' Slide out and it cooked the grass." Then they pointed their little accusatory fingers at me.


(Yeah. It was my fault. Because I use it so much, you know?)


(Seriously though, "we" left it out yesterday and within four hours, it COOKED the grass.)


Charlie was so swept up in being home that he didn't ponder the baked patch of lawn for too long. Especially when I interjected that it was nothing a little green spray paint couldn't fix.


And the kids, well, if you think that they were happy to see the man of the house...


You should have seen me.


  1. Green spray paint - you are a genius! I'd have never thought of that.

  2. I love the pictures. What a gift to be able to capture such an intimate moment.

  3. The Daddy coming home part of the day is always one of my favorites to witness in our home. The boys act like they haven't seen him in years and I'm thrilled to have backup. LOL!

  4. " was nothing a little green spray paint couldn't fix."

    My sentiments exactly!

    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

  5. Haha! I get that! I revel in abandonment when my husband gets home from work! Sorry about your cooked grass...

  6. OMG!! How sweet. What great photos. Hang in there during the move ~ we're all cheering you on. T

  7. Oh so adorable, there are WAY to many kids that don't have such a loving relationship with their dad. We were lucky enough to be the apple of our Father's eye and every single night when he came home from work he was greeted with that kind of reception.

    Green spray paint was the first thing I thought of when I read your title! Brilliant