Sunday, January 02, 2011

more fun than bingo

A blizzard hit the northeastern seaboard a week ago, tonight.

We decided a week ago, tomorrow morning, to leave and drive north because: 1) the kids were out of school and hadn't seen their grandfather nor any of their Massachusetts aunts, uncles and cousins in 2.5 years; 2) since the snow completely missed us, we had new boots and sleds that demanded to be used; 3) by the time we got on the road, the weather and roads were totally clear; 4) not everyone knew that the roads would be totally clear so traffic would undoubtedly be light (which it was); and 5) we love an adventure and are very well prepared.

Once we arrived in Massachusetts, our first stop was to see my father.


After visiting for 10 minutes in his small apartment, we moved our party down to the recreation room at his assisted living facility.


Where, for the next hour, my father threw balls at our children while they ran around.




My father has Parkinson's and while he is doing considerably better than he was two years ago at this exact time, the disease has affected his facial features and expressions.



Nonetheless, whenever he'd lob a ball and knock one of our children down, his whole body would rock with laughter.




As their mother, it seems like I should be extremely upset that my father was knocking my children down...


And I'm sure I would be, if the kids weren't having so much fun, themselves.


  1. priceless memories with their grandfather

  2. How awesome! Looks like a wonderful visit!

  3. Good to hear good news about your father. The last ones you shared wouldn't imply any good living situation.

  4. I am so glad you spent time with your Dad. This is the entire reason you moved there. I love it!

  5. I love the picture of Henry at the end of your post... one worn out little kid, so much fun, so little time

  6. How FUN for everybody! Thanks for sharing. You are right.. what an adventure!

  7. Such a sweet post. My dad was recently diagnosed with Parkinsons.
    Glad that your dad enjoyed his time with his grandbabys.

  8. This post made me smile. Your dad is so lucky to have you. It is hard for some people to get those with understand that the person is still in there even if he doesn't look or act the same. I once had a patient tell me that he still felt the same inside as he ever did. He said that in his mind he should be able to get up and run to the other side of the gym, but his body just wouldn't let him do it.
    The pictures of your dad with your children are precious...just precious.