Saturday, January 08, 2011

snowed: to defeat by a very large margin

Santa brought the children snow shovels for Christmas.


Since we received a light dusting of snow today, the kids were busy at work. They told me that they'd shovel the steps for a dollar. But what they meant is that each step would cost me a dollar, per child. And the reality is they never actually shoveled the steps at all.

Instead, they flung the snow at each other and dragged their shovels all over the driveway (I think they're still out there, somewhere?) and when they were sufficiently chilled, they marched in to the house with snow covered boots and discarded their wet clothing from the front door all the way down the hall to their bedrooms while sweetly requesting hot chocolate.

I still paid them. After I picked up their wet clothes. And made them hot chocolate. And cleared off the steps, myself.

Because I am a loving mother.

(Who, it would appear, needs to improve her negotiation skills.)


  1. WELL worth the money in my book!

  2. soooo sweet!how can we mothers negotiate with such cute,sweet,adorable darlings!!!!Yay to many many such cups of hot chocolate!!

  3. You might want to teach them how to shovel really well. Our 13 year old is shovelling a neighbour's driveway right now. He'll come home with 20 bucks and it only snowed 2 inches! I think I need to start shovelling...

    Your kids look so happy in their winter gear. And take this from experience--you might as well buy the 72 serving gigantic container of hot chocolate mix. With four kids I've learned that those skimpy little ones don't last a week when it snows!

  4. They say you should always have your contracts in writing. It might work better if they could read all those big lawyer-speak words, too.

    We have a ton of snow today, too. Now (thanks to your post) I'm going to get hot chocolate, too.