Tuesday, January 11, 2011

what I really want is to live in a snow globe

I didn't fully realize just how much I've missed living in an environment with seasons, until now.

The summer in Virginia was hot and humid and there were mosquitoes.


But we really didn't mind too much, because within a short span of time, the days were cooler and the trees were transformed in to the most beautiful palette of color.


The days continued to get cool - cooler - colder - freezing - until the first snowfall that blanketed the entire landscape.


In the six months that we've lived here, we've been able to wear short sleeve shirts and sandals, windbreakers, raincoats, wool sweaters and flannel lined pants. We've worn boots and mittens and hats and scarves. My knitting needles made a reappearance last week and this weekend, I'm planning to scout yarn stores.

I love the change of seasons so much.

My only complaint is now that we're in winter, we are being robbed of snow.

We've only had a few snow showers over the past month and quite frankly, I'm feeling rather frustrated that the measurable quantities are missing us, consistently. Every so often our hopes soar when the weather forecasters will predict snow!

It's coming!

Our way!

But then it doesn't.

The snow went around us on Christmas, around us this past weekend and around us again, tonight. It's teasing us.


Driving around town today, there were plows scattered everywhere. I could see pickup trucks parked on the side of the roads ... just waiting ... and my heart swelled with anticipation. At some point, the accumulation levels were significantly downgraded and sure enough, we received only a light dusting while everywhere around us is hammered.

It falls heavily to the north of us and it falls heavily to the south of us. Even GEORGIA has received more snow than we've received and that's just climatologically wrong.


Charlie and I have become addicted to The Weather Channel, but whenever they show the Doppler Radar over our area, the storms take a quick turn left, right, or dissipates and we are left clutching our sleds and weeping fat tears.

Yes, I know that Northern Virginia received almost four times the average last year and was buried for weeks. I know we missed that. We seriously want a repeat. We have boots and sleds and mittens and enough wood for daily fires until July.

The next chance for snow appears to be next week, but because the temperatures are expected to be in the high 30's to low 40's it will be a "wintry mix." I take that to mean rain mixed with snow which is not exactly something that you can sled upon.

We want for the weather forecasters to be wrong. We want for Mother Nature to surprise us all. We don't want for this to be predictable. We want to be hit with a severe blizzard. We want to wake up in the morning and have so much snow that we can't get out for a week.


Tonight, we received another light dusting and as I sat at my desk, working on a project for work, I caught sight of a yellow flashing light coming down our street.

It was a plow.

They were driving up and down the streets surveying what little snow we had received and I felt like running out and hitting the truck with my shovel before they could drop the plow and scrape it all away. What a bunch of mood killers those guys are...


Don't ruin the snow!

You're RUINING it!!


  1. I feel ya. I live in Utah...and we have had hardly any snow this year! We had one "huge" storm...they even cancelled class (which never happens). Know what we got? A beautiful blue sky. We have had 2 storms, but now its all just ice...I'm praying for snow right a long with you!

  2. I know how you feel. When we first moved to NC from TX, I always felt cheated because we were *just* south enough that we would usually end up with ice - no snow. But after the past two winters? I'll gladly ship you some of our snow.

  3. ha ha, I think you could find many many people who would change places with you. We've been hammered since the Christmas storm, 10 in Sat, 10+ so far this week. Six-ten more predicted within the next 24 hours. The kids have missed 13 days of school this fall and winter. Everyone I hear is sick of it, I for one love it. I am prepared, of course we haven't lost power (heat) but if we do I will change my song:).
    Wishing for a beautiful wet snow for your family.
    Oh it would be better if Fed ex could make it here with my grandsons new snow boots and mittens before summer:)

  4. My husband is in California for business. I'm home in Connecticut. I just got in from using the snowblower - we have at least 12" so far and it's still coming down (and blowing around). I slipped on ice under the snow and smacked my head on the ground (at least I had a nice thick hat on). I couldn't do the sidewalks because the snow was too high.

    Be careful what you wish for....

  5. Welcome to Virginia, Jen. You just can't get your hopes up for real snow. My poor 4 year old's only memory of Virginia winter is last winter when we had 3 huge snowstorms. Now, whenever it "snows" he's so disappointed when the 4 foot piles of snow to jump on and shovel into don't magically appear in our yard. And yet, we keep hoping all the same...

  6. OMG Jen, your post made me cringe! snow - PLEASE KEEP IT, take every single flake so I never have to see it again!! While I do realize we are all different, I have hated it since I was a small child and my hatred of it continues to this very day and I'm old enough to be a grandmother. I DID move farther south to avoid it but so far, that hasn't worked either!! Hope you get yours and mine before spring!

  7. lol....this reminded me of a joke I saw a long time ago. It's too long to post but google Diary of a Snow Shoveler. There is a lot of winter left and I'll be you get your wish before spring. Glad you are enjoying the season changes it's one of the best things about living in Ohio for me.

  8. You just made me homesick. :(

    My favorite part of northern VA is the 4 distinct seasons. Everywhere else we have lived (CA, TX, GA, AZ, WA) has lacked the change of seasons that I love so much.

  9. I can totally relate...I was sadly disappointed during our stint in the DC metro area (Bethesda) from 2004-2007 at just how little snow we typically ended up getting throughout each winter. And now we're in San Diego, so...

  10. C'mere. I've got your snow right here (Chicago suburb.) Plows ran all night keeping my son (and therefore me) up all night. If only it could just fall on the grass and not the driveways/roads/sidewalks, then I would be as ecstatic about the snow as you (and my son) are.

  11. Bobbie, are you just TRYING to make me jealous?! You've got so much snow that you can't even clear your sidewalks? AND you are slipping on ice?

    If you could see me, you'd see that I am GREEN with envy. Really, I am! My sister called me early this morning to tell me that it was really coming down and they were going to have close to 20 inches in MA. I nearly cried.

    Although, definitely keep on that thick hat for head protection. Or better yet, a ski helmet. Most importantly: HAVE FUN. Bake cookies, drink hot chocolate, make soup, build a snow man. I'm living vicariously through you!!

  12. You sound exactly like me. This is why (one of the reasons anyway)I hope that this time next year we are back in Iowa (from TX). Just love the change of seasons, and your photos that reflect that. Just gorgeous.

  13. I'm so glad you are enjoying the change in seasons. I grew up in TX and even though I have been in the Mid-Atlantic for over thirteen years now, I still relish the changes that happen every four months. I love that my kids' memories include jumping in leaves, sledding in snow (and shoveling it!), pool parties and the rebirth that happens in spring.

    I bet you get some more snow before it is all said and done. February is usually good for a snowfall.

  14. Tell me about it! I live in Lexington, Kentucky and we call ourselves the "snowdome"... there's always snow to the east, snow to the west, snow to the north and the south... but never snow right on top of us. The predict it every now and then, but usually the weather guys over estimate or hype it up too much. We've had a couple of 1-2 inch snows this year, but I keep saying I want the "storm of '98" -- in other words... I want a foot and I want it right now!

  15. Okay - 6 p.m. and it's still snowing (or possibly just blowing around a bit). Bradley Airport is reporting 22" (about 15 minutes from us).

    I did make chocolate chip cookies and taco soup.

    Thankfully my neighbor was able to plow through the sidewalk for me!

  16. Tell you what. I will be sure you send any snow fall that we're supposed to get in Toronto off to you. I have spent my entire life living in a place where we have seasons and I'm totally okay with not seeing any more. :)

  17. Well we are ready for the roads to be clear around here. Our schools are closed again tomorrow. DSS has even been closed the last two days and two hour delay today. They should have closed our office today too because the parking lots were solid sheets of ice. Gator and I sat up til 2am Monday morning waiting on the first flakes to fall. Kyle didn't understand it when we would not let him go out in the snow yesterday because of the almost inch of ice on the top of it. I wish you a snow white wonderland without the ice!!!!

  18. We've gotten more snow that you.... in LAS VEGAS.

  19. I'm going to have to pass on the snow enthusiasm. Last year was pure HELL - no one should ever have to shovel that much that many times. Having lived in VA my whole life this winter is much more normal... sorry! :)

    The countdown to SPRING and trees getting their leaves and flowers blooming is on!

  20. As i look out my window at our 3rd snow storm in 10 days, I say you didn't move far enough north!!! There's nothing better than a snowy day (except sitting on the beach on a very hot one) crisp air, cheeks kissed by snowflakes, snow angles, exercise and if your lucky a day off of work! With the way this winter is going, I'm sure you'll wish will come true soon.