Friday, December 31, 2010

the wooly fox

So, we decided at 10 AM on Monday to take a road trip to Massachusetts to visit my family. At the moment, I'm trying to help my sister, Janet, set up a blog.


(It's not going so well. While I can post pictures in my blog, I can't post pictures in hers. We'll be trouble shooting this, tonight. Happy New Year!)

Janet and her husband, Bob, live on a farm in Princeton and they just recently opened a small country store, The Wooly Fox, where they sell crafts created by local artisans. She generously offered each of our children their choice of one gift from her store.


Of course my children selected the most expensive things in the store.


Someone suggested that we just throw wheels on the house, a hitch on our van, and tow the whole thing back to Virginia.


If you live in the area and ever head out to Mount Wachusett, drop by and say hello.


They're located off Route 31 and are open every weekend from 10-4.


Tell her Jenny sent you. Maybe if I can help her drum up some business, she'll forgive me for the years that we slept together and I consistently wet the bed.


  1. That store is worth the visit. Not only that, but she will invite you into this great house that she single handed decorated in Pioneer motif. Maybe, just maybe she will even let yoou sleep in the cutest room with a canopy, bird and a lantern. She is just so accomplished. I just love Janet Grace with the beautiful face.

  2. Auntie, the only thing that rivals Janet talent is her sense of humor. WOW is she funny. Between her and Wally - they could have their own comedy show.

    Bob & Janet's home will soon be showcased in the magazine, "A Primitive Place." Last year, one of the editors stopped by and took a tour of their home ... here are some of the photos, posted on their blog.

  3. I have friends in Princeton; I'll have to check out the store the next time I visit them. I love crafty stuff!