Sunday, January 30, 2011

we are family...

.... I've got all my snow people with me!


Is it obvious that each of these snowmen were created using snowballs that were no larger than an orange?


When the kids told me that they wanted my help to build a snow family, I thought it sounded great. Until, I remembered how physically challenging it was to make one life-sized snowman and I recalled that the children don't really "help" as much as they lay on the ground and watch me work. All that rolling and squatting and rolling and pushing and lifting and bending is exhausting...


So instead of suggesting that I don't have the stamina to create a life-sized family of snow people with my children, I'll instead highlight that this miniature snow family is not only the perfect decoration for a table top, but is also ideally sized for those who still require the ability to lift their arms and prepare dinner.


  1. I found it interesting in the size of the family---from the tallest to the shortest. I hope Guy is feling better. Did he forget to do his stretching exercises?

  2. I love them! You were using your head to go with minature snowmen and they were still happy, I bet. How fun. How's Charlie doing - better I hope.

  3. I think they're adorable ;)

  4. That is just ADORABLE!

  5. I think one of these photos would make a darling Christmas card.

  6. Very cute! I don't know whether I would have even had the energy to do the mini snow family. Good for you! I hope Charlie recovers quickly. Have you done any f/up with Henry and testing or a new preschool? Just curious. He seems like such an energetic little guy who just needs some guidance to direct his energy.