Saturday, January 29, 2011

winter wonderland

It seems that during the course of shoveling out our 200+ foot long driveway, Charlie threw his back out. We didn't realize the extent of the damage until yesterday, when he couldn't walk upright. On top of that, he picked up a coma-inducing virus from the children that has rendered him horizontal for the past 36 hours.


All of this falls on the heels of me being busy at work - blah, that should just go without saying. But I stayed home yesterday to look after the children who were home from school again because it snowed again.

I absolutely love the snow and would be perfectly content if it snowed every single day. Lucky for us, the children love the snow, too. If I haven't said it before, I'll say now that we were so incredibly fortunate to find this house, because it's a fantastic house for our family. While the location and layout is fabulous and the creek is great ... now that winter is here, when you step out the back door, you're on top of the most epic sledding run.



DSC_0046 2

It's nothing short of a miracle that I was actually able to get a full day of work done yesterday, while watching the children. Because during the time that I was on the phone, fielding important calls ... the kids spent hours sledding. And the whole time, I could see them.

Hi Kids! I really wish I was out there sledding with you...


But working from home while watching you have fun is the next best thing!

Never in the history of my parenting experience, have the children ever slept as well as they've slept the past few nights. They have been in bed by no later than 7:00 and all four are blissfully asleep by 7:01. Walking up and down a hill 200 times a day can really take it out of you.



I wish I could bottle this stuff up and sell it.


  1. ACK.....give him a hug and then remind him that he's NOT six years old anymore :)

  2. The energy or the snow? lol...

  3. what kind of sleds do the kids have? i love the pink ones!

  4. Winter fun is great isn't it? :) Enjoy! I highly recommend the ice rink next year!

  5. How wonderful that you can watch them out of the window having fun in winter wonderland. It looks great---and loads of fun.

  6. Frozen or wet, water is a great inducer of sleep. Your yard looks fabulous. Enjoy!


  7. To have that kind of exhaustive energy again. If you succeed in bottling it I will be your first customer!

  8. Anonymous: I don't know the exact "model" of the sleds, but they're made by OBX.

    (At least I think that's who makes 'em!!)