Thursday, January 06, 2011

mr. and mrs. frumpy

Our New Year's resolution is to make a more conscious effort to take better care of ourselves. Charlie and I make the same resolution every year, but this year is a little different because never before have we felt like we've let ourselves slip as much as we have, this past year.

Moving, the adjustment of starting our children in school while adapting to a whole new work routine, has really flipped our lives upside down. It feels like we are constantly scrambling to find time for our children, time for ourselves, time for us as a couple, time to get things done around the house, and time to sleep.

For a while now, it seems like the balance has been way off. We are spending time with our children, we are spending time together, we are progressing home improvement activities and we are getting some sleep (although not nearly enough). But the time for ourselves, where we can focus on our general health and appearance has really taken a beating.

It's the ugly truth.

So as we embark upon this New Year, Charlie and I are really focused on improving our physical health. We are striving to eat better, get back in to the swing of a regular exercise routine, and take more pride in our appearance. While I have to get dressed up for work every day, on those days when I'm home, it's not uncommon that the both of us will wander around in the same pants and shirt we wore the day before. And maybe even the day before that.

A few days ago, Charlie went to get his haircut.

He stopped by to get his locks trimmed as he was driving from our house, to Home Depot, to pick up more painting supplies. Because even though it seems to us like we've purchased enough paint to cover the entire world, we still need more.

It had been a few months since Charlie last had his hair cut, so he was looking a little shaggy. Add to that, he was donning his painting attire (i.e., tattered sweatpants, an equally tattered and paint splattered sweatshirt) and he was in the process of trying to grow a full beard.

Or, maybe he'd just neglected to shave for a week or more.

Who really knows?

Anyway, Charlie told me that when he first walked in to the salon, the two stylists that were manning the shop eyed him nervously. One of the stylists came over and with raised eyebrows asked what she could do to help him. My husband pointed to his head and said that he'd like to get a haircut.

Obviously. Right? Isn't that why you go in to a hair salon?

The stylist said, "That's going to be sixteen dollars." According to Charlie, she really emphasized the sixteen dollars part, as if that was a lot of money that might be just beyond my husband's financial reach. He nodded and said, "Sure, sixteen dollars? That sounds fine."

The stylist looked at her counterpart before looking back at my husband and slowly continuing, "Great. Um. Do you think you can pay for that now?"

My husband ponied up the money and while it seemed a little odd to pay for a hair cut first, what he soon came to realize, is that she thought he was homeless and had just wandered in, off the street.

It is for that reason, Charlie came home and immediately signed up for a triathlon, this summer. He then shaved his face, trimmed his nails and entirely cleared out his closet of all tattered clothing. In doing all of these things, he inspired me to schedule an appointment to get my hair cut, break out our mini trampoline and also, shop for some undergarments that fit me, properly.

Yes indeed, we're on our way.

2011 is going to rock!


  1. We're in that same boat with you guys. Wish us luck!

    Also: The Homeless Guy story? Hy-sterical.

  2. Oh Jen! That is so funny. Especially considering how civil and "together" Charlie is! What a great story. :)

  3. OHMYGOD, I am laughing hysterically. I could totally see my sister making Charlie pay her before she touched his head. The lady probably thought he might have vermin in there as well.

    But, WAIT. You guys actually WERE homeless last year, remember?


  4. LOL! i cannot believe that they actually made him pay for it up front? I mean do that have that problem often there??

  5. That is the funniest thing ever! And such a motivational experience...if that doesn't make a person want to go take another look at their appearance than who knows what would. I'm still laughing to myself...and maybe I'd better watch myself, I've been putting on my pajama pants earlier and earlier. Maybe I'd better stay in my jeans a bit longer.

  6. Bwahahahaha! Oh my word. Great post. LOL!

    Thanks to so much of your past encouragement to take care of oneself, I am actually considering training for a half marathon. I haven't committed yet, but just the fact that I'm considering it is insane. LOL!

  7. That is a funny story! I can see how it could happen with all you have going on. I have been in the mist of home remodeling and you do lose perspective after a while and umpteen trips to the paint store.

    I would have liked to seen the before and after pictures:)

  8. The marine corps marathon is in your neck of the woods the last weekend in October or the Spinx marathon here in Greenville. Also the last weekend in October. That's 10 months to get ready.

    Which one are you going to do with me??

  9. As if you didn't know - I think I forgot to sign that last comment from me. Love, Marg. ;-)

  10. LOL!! Oh, I hear you (WE hear you) - my hubby and I are feeling the same "frumpiness" and we only have two young children to care for. 2010 was a rough year - crappy eating habits + no working out + no sleep = chubby, easily winded, out of shape parents. NO MORE! Well, right after I finish that last box of Trader Joe's Jo Jo's - no, NO, I'M KIDDING!!! Happy Healthy New Year to you :)

  11. That is hilarious!! I wish stuff like happened in our lives. Maybe they do and I just don't know to write about them.

  12. I'm utterly dissapointed that you didn't post a picture of "Homeless Charlie!!!"

  13. I am utterly dissapointed that you didn't post a picture of "Homeless Charlie!"

  14. hahaha that's to funny!

  15. Having 3 little kids of our own, we understand. The past month my hubby and I have started to use a pedometer, and it has encouraged friendly competition and we are both more active.

  16. How can you post this without a picture of Charlie pre-shave and pre-haircut? I can't picture your handsome fella with long hair, partially-grown beard, and tattered clothing that looks as bad as suggested by the ladies' reactions. I need help.