Monday, December 20, 2010

got boots?

Seeing as tomorrow is the first day of Winter and there is currently snow on the ground with more expected later this week, we finally have boots that will keep the children's feet warm and dry. Best of all, we have them in Sizes 11, 12, 13 and 1.

This is the epitome of effective children's shopping.


We could have bought pink boots for the girls, but red is gender neutral* and this way, each year, I should only have to buy one new pair of boots, provided everyone doesn't go through a growth spurt and skip over sizes.

* I should probably mention that "Hand Me Down Henry" picked out the color, which would be either gender neutral gray or gender neutral red. Since he will be wearing these boots for the next four years, seems only fair that the Little Dude should have some say in the matter.


  1. HA I LOVE it!! I love that my three all in one size behind each other. It is FANTASTIC. Same with our jeans and as expensive as they are I love that we get to hand me down and down. :)
    Snow there rain here in cali. What fun to have your first christmas there a white one.

  2. i was just wondering...what happened to favorite thing fridays??? hope they come back...i really miss them LOL

  3. Wow--that is wonderful that they don't have the same size feet. And way to go on being practical. I think you are a genious for letting Henry have a say. I'm going to borrow that idea for our youngest of three girls sometime.

  4. OOOPS!!! LIKE EM'! (not LIE EM')- haha LOL!

  5. For your future reference, everything from ll bean has a lifetime warrenty so if it rips or breaks they replace it. Hand me downs last forever that way!

  6. Apparently my mom thinks fur is Gender Neutral because My daughter is now wearing the same mukluks that my mom made me when I was in 3rd grade. They went through me, my sister, My cousin (who lived with us) my other sister, my son, my niece and now my daughter.

    And I've only had to change the bottoms once!

    Same with snow pants, fur parkys, fur hats, mittens, and of course...sleeping bags!!! :)

    I love them!

  7. Love it, but how do they tell them apart when it's time to put their boots on?!