Friday, December 03, 2010

just one more of his many talents

I'm not prone to complain ... much ... so I haven't mentioned that Charlie and I have been sick this whole week. That virus that leveled the children last week, hit us last weekend and has continued to hit us for the past several days.

Whether it's the medication we're taking, or the fact that I'm up coughing most of the night, I've been having a very tough time getting out of bed in the morning. Charlie's been having a tough time, too. Because when you're sick and it's 30 degrees outside and you're in an extremely comfortable bed with a heated mattress pad, it's very tempting to roll over and go back to sleep for 20 hours.

Earlier this week, we didn't wake up until 7:30. The school bus comes at 7:50. And because it was a weekday and the children knew that they had school, they weren't up bouncing around at 6:30 and were instead, in their beds, snoozing hard.

I'd like to interject here that it is no easy task to get three soundly sleeping kindergartners up, dressed, fed, shoe-d and out the door in 20 minutes.

But we did our best. At some point, we realized we were going to miss the bus, so Charlie planned to drive them to school and drop them off.

He ran out the door with them at 8:00. School starts at 8:30, so he thought he'd have plenty of time to drive the two miles. Except, it was raining that day and there was terrible traffic. So by the time he got to school it was 8:31 and the doors were locked. Which meant that Charlie had to get out of the car and go in to the front office of the school to sign our children in.

As he climbed out of the car and started to walk in, he realized that in his haste to get the kids dressed and out the door, he completely neglected to get himself dressed. So my husband, a man who takes tremendous pride in his appearance, walked in to the front office wearing his fuzzy flannel pajama bottoms and Acorn slippers.

Yesterday, as we were cleaning out Elizabeth's back pack, we found this picture.


I thought that it was a cute illustration of Charlie and Elizabeth exercising together. Until she pointed out, "Daddy is really good at running in to school wearing his pajama bottoms."

(The purple pants are nice, but I especially like the mustache.)


  1. Can I just say how impressed I am that you got 3 kids up and out the door 30 min? I just hit the point this week with my two kids when I told them enough is enough and they're going to sleep in the clothes for the next day. It still took more than 30 minutes. Sure, some of that was a recently potty trained fella needing to go potty, but still! You wow me daily!

  2. That is a really good drawing for a kindergartener. You have quite the artist there.

    And apparently Charlie is quite limber also. The way that leg is bent is amazing....

  3. So cute!
    Every year in VA our whole family was sick with the flu for what seemed the whole month of January. Unlike San Diego where it would come at random times and some of us would get it and some wouldn't.
    I always blamed it on how closed up the house was during the winter.
    BIG bummer! Get well soon!

  4. I love your blog, you make me smile! Elizabeth's picture is priceless. You should have it matted and framed and hung somewhere. I love it!!

  5. OMG I am LMAO...I drive the kids to school because the bus comes way too early here (7 a.m.) and some days I am so tempted to go in my pajamas, but I never do. I know the one day I do it will be the day I get pulled over or worse,get in an accident.

  6. Have you seen this slam poet? I thought you might appreciate her.. Kate Makkai.

  7. That is hysterical!!!! I'm in tears of laughter! Absolutely hysterical!
    Love ya Charlie! Marg

    (Great picture!)

  8. Elizabeth--you are an excellent artist!