Monday, December 13, 2010

better living through medication

Friday at work, I completed a safety seminar that taught me all about how to stay safe. It's really very easy, you just need to THINK "What's the worse thing that could happen?" before you start any new task, and then, adjust your behavior accordingly.

After work, I was driving home. And on that drive home, I came to a stoplight and my mind was swirling with the Henry preschool situation and I suddenly felt compelled to talk with my husband about the fact that Henry had never been in preschool before and he is starting this program mid-stream and surely all the other kids are well established in the "routine" of the class. My sweet little Henry. He has really enjoyed going to school, putting on his backpack - just like the big kids - and traipsing out the door three mornings a week.

For the five days that he was a bonafide preschool student, he came home with adorable arts and crafts projects - so obviously he was sitting still long enough to be creative. Yes, there is undoubtedly more to this that we'll be researching, but it was very difficult to stop myself from condemning the troglodytes that kicked out MY baby.

It had been a long day and I was frustrated and not thinking clearly. And when I couldn't easily reach my cell phone in my bag behind me, that I specifically place there so I'm never tempted to talk on the phone while driving, I leaned over the seat and lifted my computer bag, up and OVER the seat with one hand.

Why did I do this? Because I'm strong! I've run a marathon and I've completed a few triathlons and I've lugged children all over the continent. What's the worst thing that could happen?

Maybe the demise of my entire musculoskeletal structure?

That thought never once crossed my mind.

It wasn't until I got home and couldn't tilt my head back to drink a beer (hence the reason I had to sip it out of a straw), I realized if you don't do any form of exercise for ... a lot of months ... you aren't as strong as you might think you are and thereby, you shouldn't attempt to lift a computer bag OVER a seat. And also?


Crawling in to bed, hardly able to move my arms without jolts of electricity shooting through me, I hoped that I'd be feeling better in the morning. When I woke up at 2 AM, I "mumbled" a word or two that shocked Charlie out of a sound sleep and made him think I was being eaten alive. Today, after being unable to move for the past three days, I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a severe muscle strain and possible pinched nerve. Several prescriptions were written including one for an adorable little pill that is allowing me to write this post.

Charlie has been a champ, strategically placing heating pads, administering medication and convincing me that I will, indeed, live to see my fortieth birthday. Which, after the year I've had, I think this is a legitimate worry. I've been encouraging people to not stand too close for fear that a meteor will fall out of the sky and crush us, both.


  1. Have you considered a chiropractor? I have had several through the years who have "saved my life." I've had a couple of quacks, too...but when you find a good one...bliss.

    Notably, the week before my wedding. Pinched nerve in my shoulder. Combined with some good painkillers (I horde oxycodone for these occasions) and/or ibuprofen, I am still alive. And married.

    I also participated in a study my perinatologist was doing on maternity chiropractic. I don't think my hips would have made it through the twin pregnancy without those treatments.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. On the Henry issue....if he loves preschool, even if he has a problem, enroll him in another and I would suggest a co-op...these are the type of preschool where the parents help in class, that way you actually see how your child is behaving!

  3. thru a straw - not a pretty picture for an avid beer drinker!!!
    Hope your neck is better by now. Keep your purse in the front seat from now on, uhm k?

    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

  4. Hi Jen, I did the same thing carrying groceries in the house 2 years ago, something I do all the time. I herniated 3 disks, and they are sitting on a nerve that runs from my neck down my right shoulder. After going through PT, pain management injections, with and without anesthesia, and the threat of surgery with very little results, when my insurance changed in March and I didn't need a referral, I went to the chiropractor. After 1 visit, I could turn my head, and since then I am 98% pain free most days. I started out going 3X a week for the first 2 weeks, and now I maintain by going once every 3-4 weeks as needed. Feel better, and have a wonderful Christmas in your new home!
    Vicki Tauriello NJ

  5. 2010 has been a hard year for you. I can't believe you pulled your back out. We are all old and stuff now. : ) Next year will be better for certain! So....for as many times I've told a teacher to "pound sand". I'd also have to say that I would love to have, for each one of my children, a professional to analyze the best way for me to communicate with them and to be effective in helping them thru school. Knowledge is power.
    There are many preschools in VA though. You can always select a different school. If I had time, I would go for it. (the analysis that is)

  6. and p.s. maybe someday this will be an excuse to allow Henry extra time to take the SAT exams : )

  7. I just cannot believe that they kicked Henry out of Preschool-- I mean, that is what preschool is FOR. to LEARN how to do the things that they are saying he cannot do. What kind of an institution gives UP on kids in FIVE DAYS??

    By my caps you may guess that this struck a nerve.

  8. Oh I can soooo relate to your back pain. It's been happening to me for a good 10 years now here and there. My last mistep was about a week AFTER my big 4-0. I decided to "play basketball" with my boys. It ended with me crawling back into the house and my husband following close behind offering support. The only words of advice that I have for you are 1. Muscle relaxers as close together as allowed 2. Stay ahead of the pain 3. You can't do as much as your brain says you can when you're on muscle relaxers (well, you can but then when it wears off you'll be worse than when you started - trust me on this) 4. Remember as you're immobile for days on end... this too shall pass. 5. You'll now appreciate all of the work that your body does to get into a sitting position on the toilet and hoist yourself back off!

  9. Anon @ 8:45: Isn't it remarkable how we take so much for granted?

    YES, hoisting oneself off the toilet is right up there with nose blowing. WHO KNEW that certain muscles were involved in such tasking?!?

  10. I feel bad for Henry(his parents too) He needs to try another preschool that is willing to give him a chance. How could that school have him all figured out in just one week - 3 days??? After all he is only 3 years old and a young 3 at that. How many 3 year old boys and girls can sit quietly on command?? Good luck!

  11. Chiropractors are miracle workers! I hope you are able to see one. I had numerous problems with my back and with headaches. After going to the Chiro on a regular basis, I didn't have chronic headaches (though they're back after a 5 year lapse of no chiro visits), and my back is in much better shape. Good luck! Feel better!

  12. This'll cheer you up and make you laugh! but first, make sure you've taken enough medication so the laughter doesn't hurt too badly ;) (it's well worth it though!)

    PS. just read a great article at the pediatrician that sparked an interesting conversation with my hubby and then made me think of you. about our (poor) kids having to be INVOLVED and smiling and excited about the endless tasks and activities in pre-school, kindergarten, school, etc. every single minute of every single day these days! i won't promise anything, but i'll try to find an english version for you and email it, b/c you might find it interesting.