Thursday, May 28, 2009

what's in you wednesday

I am due to run a marathon in four days.

Or, less than ninety six hours from this very moment.

(Is it just me or did the end of May just suddenly ... appear?)

Thankfully, Alex and Kathleen came through at the last minute to save the day, because up until this past weekend, we had NO idea what we were going to do with the children. Although we've been training with them in their strollers, there was no way we were planning to push them on the marathon course.

Partly because strollers are not allowed.

Partly because there are no McDonald's along the route.

And partly because this race will be painful enough without four small children in tow.

(Oh and Margaret? I received your e-mail. Even though wheelchairs are allowed on the course, you are dreaming if you think I'm going to push you in one for the first 20 miles.)

After four separate babysitters fell through on us, and we were starting to turn our sights to unsuspecting friends and neighbors for their help, Alex and Kathleen called and volunteered to drive in from Arizona on Saturday afternoon to watch the children while Charlie and I attend a spaghetti inspirational dinner that is being put on by Team-In-Training.

AND THEN, Kathleen brilliantly suggested that we stay Saturday night in a hotel a few blocks from the starting line, so we wouldn't have to hassle with parking at 5 AM on Sunday morning. This is the first time we have ever left the children - except for when we went to the hospital to have Henry and I really don't think that counts - so we are looking forward to having a quiet night and a full day to run in peace.

(Or, perhaps sleep in until 11 and order room service.)

(Race? What Race? Did you get a load of the beautiful BATHROBES?!)

This is beyond awesome. All of our problems are solved. Except the whole part about me and a child that won't wean. And a full 24 hours away from said child that won't wean.

And during that span of 24 hours, my body will be bouncing for 26.2 miles. And although I plan to pump before the race, any nursing mother knows that a pump doesn't do quite the same job as a baby. (Or a toddler.)

(And how is it that I'm still nursing?)

I'm not sure how this whole not-nursing-before-I-run-scene is going to go down. I'm hoping well, but I'll be bringing Tylenol with me. And quite possibly, my hands free pump bra that fits remarkably well under my running top in case I need to relieve a little pressure on the course. Because I would if I had to.

(And you know I would.)

In other news.

This past week, I went to the gym a few times.

On one of the days, I was feeling like I wanted to go home and lay on the couch and eat a doughnut. Until I noticed that a woman in her 80's with blue hair, climbed on to the Nautilus equipment I had just been on, and added EIGHTY pounds to the weights I had been lifting. Instead of lifting my measly 50 pounds, she was pumping 130. And then she belted out fifteen more reps than me.

Then later in the week, when I couldn't find the energy to go for an afternoon run, I stumbled upon an article about Buster Martin, the 101-year old man who ran a 1/2 marathon and now has his sights set on running the London marathon.

And then I was thinking that in 2005, we were told that my Uncle Bill most likely wouldn't survive the year due to an aggressive form of cancer. But four years later, he's still here. And this weekend, he is taking a break from chemotherapy treatments and will be flying in to California from South Carolina - along with my Aunt Grace - to watch the three of us (but mostly me) run a marathon.

And then I was reading the most recent CaringBridge update on Deana, who is recovering from yet another round of sepsis and pneumonia ... and preparing to undergo yet another operation ... and she is fighting this awful disease as hard as she possibly can. And still smiling.

I derive a lot of inspiration from people who are fifty years older than me and able to bench press fifty pounds more - or - almost seventy years older than me and out running marathons. I derive a lot of strength from people who are facing significant health challenges and yet defying the odds because they won't give up.

But this weekend, I determined that the primary source of my motivation comes from my four-year-old children who BREEZED by me when we were out running on Saturday. And then turned around and chanted, "Hahahaha! You can't catch me!"

Let the record show: I did catch them. And then I laughed, "Hahahaha! Now you're getting TICKLED."


What inspires you?


  1. You inspire me! 4 Kids, one who isn't in to stop nursing, working and keeping a marriage together. I don't know how you do it but BIG POINTS for making it all work

  2. I can't believe the race is so close! hmmm... what inspires me? my mom most of all. then all the people that are battling cancer... my heart aches for them. lastly... the people that haven't been diagnosed yet. I get teary eyed at the thought of someone walking around not knowing and then one day... bam... life will never be the same. I fear I or one of my family will be that person.

    btw... henry in the hat... there are no words for the cuteness.

  3. YOU do, seriously!!
    Have a great Marathon Weekend : )

  4. WHAT!??! NO McD's??

    and the wheelchair thing... I told you we could trade off.

    Your such a Baby.

    See you tomorrow. Marg.

  5. I know it sounds cheesy but you inspire me. Every time I read your blog I think I should be doing more, achieving more and sitting on my arse less!

    The 24 hours of no breast-feeding with no doubt be a tough one. When my son was about the same age as Henry, he went to stay with his grandparents overnight. It was the first time he had been away from me for the night and everyone kept saying that I would be fine as I probably wasn't producing "that much milk".. which was utter nonsense as I pumped in the morning after deciding I couldn't cope anymore and managed to produce about 600mls. I was amazed as by then Joey was eating and drinking normally and I thought breast milk was just a "top-up"..I guess I was wrong!! I am sure you will be fine if you pump though, even if it doesn't do the job as well as Henry would, it will relieve the pain enough to get you through the marathon. Good luck!

  6. I love this post...My lil sister just joined the ALT team in trainning group and has just gotten started. I am so proud of her and you for taking on this challenge. You guys inspire me.

    Kimberly and the GA Guinn Triplets

  7. I commented before about what inspires me, but on this day there is even more. Today my 82 year old grandma is going in to have a HUGE, (bigger then a large lemmon), tumor removed from her breast. Is it cancer, more then likely. And yet not once since she found it has she complained. She still gets up every morning and walks, smiles and tells me that god never promisses you tomorrow. Today it has been 2 years to the day since her husband, my grandpa died. I pray that he is keeping her safe today! So that, among many other things, is what inspires me today. To be better, to quite whining, and just get on with life!

  8. My Mom and My DAD!!

    and yes! He will be watching mostly you!


    Have a great time this weekend! You'll all do fabulous! Even without McDonald's.

  9. Your are amazing. Wishing you luck to run the marathon!

  10. Have you considered posting Henry at mile 10 just in case you need a little mid-race relief? :D Also, it might be worth "lubing up" the sports bra region (as in right under/on your xiphoid process) with some Vaseline (if you don't do that already) because long distances have a way of causing giant sores in the middle of women's chests from time to time, probably more so when they are saturated with milk! Enjoy your carbo loading and best of luck! I hope you have a wonderful run!

  11. Man, do you have some awesome in-laws! You better get separate rooms because you need to SLEEP before the race!!
    Just as others have said, I get inspiration from your blog: you, people you write about, and the stories you tell/share inspire me.
    Thank you!

    Wishing you a great run on Sunday. Have a blast! You should be so proud of yourself for doing it.

  12. OMG! So sorry but I had to comment again b/c I just read the good news about Deana and then read Buster's story. He ran 13 miles in 5 hours!!!? When finished he asked "Where's my beer?" ;-) AMAZING!

    By the way - I'm inspired by anyone who overcomes adversity. My sister Karen, my Mom & Dad, your Mother, Unk B, Aunt Ann, a young 11 year old boy whose walking across America to raise awareness for the homeless, Your among my top 10 for sure. The list is long!

    So many wonderful-amazing people; many within our own family, without complaint - they just do it!

    I simply love a great success story. Marg.

  13. Good luck! WOW... I can't wait to read about it.

  14. Forgot to mention My Husband! He's a remarkable person. Lost his eye when he was younger, and his parents IN HIS 20'S. He's a great inspiration! As well as a wonderful provider for our family, a huge support to me & my parents and an amazing example to our sons.

    Okay. I'm getting off the computer now. Obviously I don't have enough to do today!! Marg ;-)

  15. I love O'Henry's hat. Is this because...maybe...his mom gave him a haircut recently?! :)

    About the breastfeeding...lots and lots of uh, wine?! Kidding. My kids BF until they were good and ready to quit, so that was age 3 and 2, when they were saying sentences! I ran a half-marathon during that time, and a good dose of hearty red wine did the trick! That and a bag of frozen peas per side...and wine. :)

    Inspiration?! Michelle Duggar. That crazy woman inspires me to homeschool (I don't, I wish), save money, love EVERYONE, and be a TV star! Kidding...but really, she does inspire me!

  16. are you strapping the medela pump-in-style on your back to pump intermittently throughout the race? i don't think that's really's only 5 - 6 hours.... you should be may just need to do a little pumping session first thing in the morning before the race.

  17. Anon: Actually, I think I'll be OK if I pump before the race. Since I'm trying to minimize the weight I'm carrying, I won't bring a pump w/ me on the course. (Although if I did, it would be my small manual pump and not a Medela backpack!)

    But you think it's only going to take me five or six hours to complete the marathon??

    You must be new here.


  18. Just want to wish you GOOD LUCK for the big race! WOOT!

    I honestly am not sure what inspires me yet... but usually I start working out because I'm a hypochondriac and I get all worried about what might happen to my body if I'm not taking care of it. LOL. I don't know if that's a little selfish? *I* inspire me? Hm.

    I'm really proud of you and the money you have raised in Deana's name. Thank you for doing such good in our world.

  19. This is nearly a week old, but I had to post to say 1) I hope your marathon went well and that you aren't feeling too sore from it. :) and 2) currently, my friend inspires me. She's lost nearly 70 pounds BY HERSELF. She followed the Weight Watchers plan, but she didn't actually enroll in WW. I figure if she can do it, so can I. I'm now 7.5 pounds down, with about 25 to go. And I am doing it by myself. (Mostly because I can't afford Weight Watchers)