Wednesday, May 27, 2009

for your consideration

If you decide to take an afternoon and drive one hour north to an amusement park with your four small children, you just might want to confirm that the park will be OPEN before you depart from your driveway.

Because when you arrive and discover that the parking lot is empty, chances are - it's not your LUCKY day.

And when you tell your children that the park is actually CLOSED, you will quickly discover that pulling the nail off your pinky toe would be less painful than turning the car around and driving back to the freeway.

But, if you are a fast thinker and live in the childhood paradise that is San Diego, you will quickly formulate a back up plan that involves driving 30 minutes to the Zoological Society's Wild Animal Park where you will remedy what had become a terrible situation.

Now, let's say you made the decision - a few years ago - to join an online (non-Facebook) community that exists to reunite high school students that you had received countless invitations for ... and then, shortly after joining this community decided that you wanted to cancel your membership ... but could never figure out how ... so you change your real name to a pseudo name with the hope that it would just go away.

Just beware that your real last name might be tied to your new pseudo name.

So it is quite possible that out of the blue, you'll receive a few e-mails from people that you graduated with ... 20 years ago ... and they will want to know when and why you changed your name to Oogma Moogma and hey! will you be making it back for the big reunion?

And you might be a little confused as to how these people tracked you down until you log on for the first time in three years and then almost wet yourself when you discover that the account is still active and anyone who you might have known from high school would immediately recognize your last name.

Suddenly, you don't feel like such a fast thinker anymore. And you can't recall ever seeing your husband laugh so hard in his entire life.

At your expense.


  1. I am suddenly reminded of the first "Vacation" movie, when they arrive at Wally World following a cross-country drive, only to discover it's closed, at which point Chevy Chase uses a BB gun to get the park security guard (John Candy) to let them in and take them on the rides.

    Did you ever consider giving that a try?

  2. Jen, remember that scene from Chevy Chase's "Vacation"? How funny! "Sorry folks, park's closed, the moose out front should have told 'ja". LOL


  3. What? No Clark W. Griswald story? I'm bummed!

  4. I didn't even think about that!! And to think, we carry a BB gun with us every where we go!!

  5. Hurray for quick thinking! I'm glad you salvaged your day.

  6. Good thinking on the zoo! It's not legoland, but it's better than having screaming kids all day!

  7. Um, why was Legoland closed? That is random.

    FTR, I wouldn't have called either. What a great day for the Wild Animal Park though.

  8. It looks like a great time at the Wild Animal Park, anyways!

  9. this story is all too familiar, this happened to us a few weeks ago when we went to sea world and it was closed

    although we pulled a 'vacation' moment and talked our way in.

    glad you were able to rescue the day.

  10. OMG! Wally World chaos all over again~ Triplet style! So glad you had a spontaneous back-up plan!
    Sorry about Oogma Moogma. I'm afraid I might have a couple of those pseudo names out there (not as clever as yours, though!) but can't remember where!

  11. I'm impressed that the first three comments were generally the same thing, considering our comments are posted after moderation, so you don't typically see the others! LOL. Great minds think alike!

    I didn't think of that, however, because I didn't really grow up watching the "Vacation" movies and haven't ever seen any of them all the way through, lol. But now that I think of it, I have seen that Wally World scene, and it is really funny.

    Jen - too hilarious about the name change thing too, LOL. Good try to thwart the invitations, hahaha.

  12. OMGosh! that is just too funny (the facebook thing, not the park)

    I too immediately thought of Vacation right away!

  13. My favorite part and why I always love visiting your blog:

    ***Suddenly, you don't feel like such a fast thinker anymore. And you can't recall ever seeing your husband laugh so hard in his entire life.

    At your expense.***

    LOVE IT :)