Saturday, May 16, 2009

pizza and a movie

Charlie and I took the kids today on what I hope believe was a 20-mile run. We'll calculate the distance tomorrow to confirm. If it wasn't 20 miles, it had to be at least 15 30 because my dogs are barking.

Did I mention we were PUSHING at least 80 pounds worth of children in strollers?

And it was blazing HOT?

And there were HUGE hills?!

I'll write about our "long run" more on Wednesday when I wake up from this exercise-induced coma I can feel myself slipping in to.

Tonight, I need to quickly hammer out this post to let the world know that:

1) We made it home alive from our "long" run.

2) A search and rescue party is not necessary.

3) To select the winner of a one-year subscription to Netflix, I plugged all of the entries in to Random.Org and it chugged out number 8. So the winner of our Netflix raffle is Tamara! Congratulations Tamara - happy movie watching!! And thank you to everyone who entered this contest and donated to pediatric cancer research via The Tuesday Fiona Whitt Foundation.

4) Speaking of Netflix ... we received our first Netflix movie this afternoon. My husband rented "Who Killed The Electric Car." When I opened the packet and saw the movie I thought it was an error. It had to be a mistake. Because seriously? A documentary about electric cars?! After a 20-mile run?? Are we at home on a Saturday night - or is it substitute teacher day in Physics?

Charlie. Dude.

I'm sorry, but seeing as it is Saturday night, that counts as TWO strikes. One more and you lose your Netflix Queue Master position.

5) We're eating for pizza for dinner because we eat pizza at least one night a week. Especially on those nights we're too tired to lift a pot on to the stove.

Shown in the photograph below is our toddler son, Henry, demonstrating how we like to eat pizza at our house. Have you never enjoyed your pizza this way?


Well, you really should. It adds a whole 'nuther dimension to the pizza eating experience.

These photos were taken last weekend before Henry's hack job hair cut. Sadly, his hair doesn't grow out quite that fast.

And yes, I'm sure I cut his hair. When I spoke to my cousin, Margaret yesterday, she thought for sure someone else had done it. Rest assured it was indeed me with the scissors that "DID THAT TO THE POOR BABY!" not one of our preschool children who probably would have done a much better job.

Thanks Maggie. Kisses.


  1. Seriously... if I lived alone, that's how I'd eat an entire pizza! You go, little Henry... you go!

  2. that is the hugest pizza I have seen
    My twins would eat it like that too if I let them LOL

  3. Cute pictures. Did you like Who killed the electric car? I have watched it, I really liked it, but it did make me mad at the same time. Thanks for stopping in.

  4. My DH has a tendency to return the movies I put in our queue, before I even realize they've arrived. LOL!

    I LOVE old movies! So I stuck Father Goose and Petticoat Junction in our queue. For months I wondered what was taking them so freakin' long to get it to me. And then I wondered why my husband wouldn't look me in the eye when I asked. And then why he suddenly had a coughing fit that sent him into another room...fishy no?

  5. Grannie K and Poppa Alex5/17/09, 10:17 AM

    Jen and Charlie:
    Drowning season is here: 8 lost in Arizona already. We know that you and Charlie are "Helicopter Parents" when your children are in the water....not all parents or grandparents are.
    My swims for drowning prevention can be seen on my blog:
    There is a link to drowning prevention which is excellent, also.
    ABC's Drowning Prevention: A...aways watch your kids around watger. B....Barriers, fences,etc.
    C....classes, swim lessons and CPR
    Much love:
    Poppa and Grannie Gator-Head Kathleen

  6. WoW...he is certainly going to town with the pizza! That is one big pizza!

  7. Alex & Kathleen: Thank you for your comment >> I've actually got a post about this very topic I plan to write within the next few days.

    A family recently lost their 3-year old in the neighborhood pool. It can happen in the blink of an eye.

  8. Love It! After my 20 mile run I felt like throwing myself on a hand grenade would have been much easier... ;-)

    Thanks to Henry now I know better. That is one good looking pizza!

    Love, Marg

    PS I still say next time give the kids the clippers.

  9. Oh my god. What is wrong with you people? Running 20 miles? I'm crying my little whiner eyes out for pushing my kids around Disney and California adventure for 2 days and you are out running around on purpose for 20 miles? Jen...Jen...Jen....

  10. Oh My God, what did you do to that child's head? I go on vacation for four days and you ruin your child's hair? Jen....Jen....Jen.

  11. i'm sure you've heard of
    but if not it's great

  12. That's the first movie my husband rented on our version of Netflix too. And it also arrived on a weekend. Sigh. Silly me married an engineer...

  13. All I can say is Oh My Gosh!!

    Are you okay with me adding your blog to my list of favorites on my blog?

    Have a great Monday!

  14. Henry is seriously too adorable...

  15. I just wanted you to know (speaking of food) we were at Trader Joe's this weekend. I had never been there before. I told my husband that there were two things we needed to try. I said that Jen from Amazing Trips recommended the peanut butter cups and the Joe Joes. I also told him that it's crazy how much we have in common and that if you lived near by we would totally be friends (if you'd have me that is). I said if Jen says they're good, then they're good and we have to try them. No one could possibly post about something like that 50+ times and be wrong about it.

    You were SOOOO right! Thanks!