Wednesday, May 20, 2009

what's in you wednesday

This past Saturday we took off on our "long" run.

The way it should work is that all the runs leading up to this past weekend, were gradually supposed to get longer and longer - until, we reach 20 miles, and then begin tapering down so our bodies have a chance to recover before we subject them to the brutality of running 26.2 miles on race day.

This weekend we covered a lot of ground. We pushed strollers full of children in temperatures that were in the high 80's and we covered almost 20 miles in just over six hours. Granted, we didn't break any speed records. But we're optimistic that if we can cover that kind of distance on that kind of terrain under those kind of circumstances, we can cover 26.2 miles in under the allotted seven hours.

Charlie is so strong I don't think he is going to have any problem at all finishing the course before they close it and send around the wagon to pick up all the stragglers. As for me ... my husband was so far ahead during our run this past weekend that he started sending text messages.

"Having Fun?"

"You OK?"

"Where UB@?"

Meanwhile, the two kids that were in the stroller I was pushing burst in to tears more than once when they could no longer see their father in front of us. Here I was desperately trying to push 80 pounds while telling the children, "No, we're NOT lost. Mommy actually has the HOUSE KEY and if Daddy doesn't slow down and WAIT for us he is going to find himself SLEEPING on the CURB!"

Midway through our run we stopped at McDonald's so the kids could get out and stretch their legs. I need to add here that Charlie recently finished reading Fast Food Nation and it seems that when he told me some of the things that were discussed in the book, the children were listening.

Which explains why this past weekend when we walked in to McDonald's, three of our four children were adamant that they didn't want to eat rat poop and Daddy said that there was rat poop in McDonald's hamburgers. So we ate french fries. And filet of fish. And while the kids ran around and played, Charlie and I tried to estimate the total amount of ground we'd covered.

Once the kids had burned off a significant amount of energy, we loaded them back in to the strollers and ran over to a yogurt bar.

Because it was really hot.

And then once the kids had procured huge cupfuls of yogurt on their laps, which almost immediately melted, we started running again while yogurt sloshed all over our children. And it wasn't long before both Charlie and I felt like hurling because we had just run 10 miles and we had 10 more to go and we had stomachs full of FRIED FISH.

Yeah. We'll want to skip McDonald's on race day.

(And quite possibly, for the rest of our lives.)

Now seeing as the triplets have pretty much outgrown their naps, it seems the only time they sleep during the day is when we push them in the stroller.

And once they wake up, they have more energy than I do and can actually run faster than me up the final hills home.

So we did it. We covered almost 20 miles in one day. And we didn't collapse. I'm happy about that. But what makes me even happier is the awesome comment I received on my post last week from Mommy Heather. Did anyone happen to catch her comment?

"I am officially down 60lbs in less than 4 months, and am training to do a 5k. I am kicking butt and am so proud of myself. I found inspiration in you training with four kids I can with three. I have no excuses to make. I hit the gym sometimes as early as 4am so I can workout 6 days a week. Thank you for the push and inspiration. I have 30lbs to go for my goal and feel AMAZING!!"

Way to go Heather!!

You are the inspiration!!

I think I read that comment right around the time I was consuming my second tray of O'Henry Bars in less than a week. But not before I baked and then consumed my THIRD tray of O'Henry Bars in less than a week. Notice how they are floating on air?

Those things are like magic!

Even though I've been "training" for a marathon, I feel like I could be doing so much better. Eating. Exercise. Sleeping. The whole deal.

Now because I think it's important to do a frequent assessment of your physical state and make adjustments as necessary, I am going to pose three simple questions to all of you.

1) Are you happy with the way that you look?

2) Are you happy with the way that you feel?

3) What are you going to do about it?

OK. Me first.

1) No. Not really.

2) No. Not really.

3) I'm going to stop baking O'Henry Bars because I cannot have them in the house (much like I cannot have chocolate cake in the house.) Beginning tomorrow, I am going to substitute a glass of FRESH juice (that I make) in place of my afternoon sugar binge. (Because I am TRULY addicted to sugar and recently ate four tablespoonfuls when I realized we had nothing sweet to eat.) I am going to go to the gym three days a week because I haven't been for almost two months since I flew off the treadmill. And, I am going to be in bed by 11:00 at night. Or 11:30.

(Definitely no later than 12.)

Now it's your turn.


  1. 1) Definitely not
    2) Definitely not
    3) Once school is over in a few weeks, I am going to buckle down and get on a regular exercising schedule, start eating a lot better, and start going to bed a lot earlier. I have very poor habits in all those areas and during the school year, it's very easy for me to make excuses about being too busy or not having the right resources. This summer, there is no excuse. I work at a pool which is connected to a recreation facility, so I am able to swim laps and use the exercise machines for free. I will be living at home this summer, so I can't make the excuse of poor dining hall food contributing to my poor food choices. I also won't have a ton of school work to keep me up to very late hours. Honestly, I can't wait to make this much needed change.

  2. My answers to Q1 and Q2 are big fat nos! What I need to do about it is enlist in your bootcamp. Because man am I lazy compared to you.

  3. Congratulations on doing 20 miles. I have no doubt that you will complete the marathon!

    Do I like how I look? Some days more than others. I'm not a fan of my extra "twin skin". I actually weigh less now, a year after having twins, than before I was pregnant, but, unless I get a little nip/tuck, I'll be
    wearing spanx a lot to wear some of my pre-preggo dresses.

    Do I like how I feel? Like most moms, I could use more sleep. My triathlon training is sporadic at best, so I alternate between feeling lazy/unmotivated and sore.

    I can definitely relate to the sugar addiction. I decided not to make any cookies for a while, because I went through 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies in about 10 days. But now I'm just eating the chips by the handful instead. Sigh!

  4. First of all, I am truly in awe of McDonalds playgrounds in the US. Australian ones are piddly, compared to the one in your pic.

    OK, the questions:
    1) and 2). Nope.
    3) We just got a bike trailer to carry both children, but DH put the connector on his bike, which is at his work all day (yep, he rides about 3.5 miles to AND from work every day). So I'm spending the money to get a second connector. I have not ridden my bike in at least two years. Is it really true that you can't forget how to?

  5. Love a great success story! ;-)Congrats to Heather!

    By the way, I thought you were making O'Henry bars for us to eat out on the course...since it looks as though neither Beth, AM or Sue are going to show up with thier "just" desserts... Now we're skipping out on McD's too?

    Way to go Heather! Marg

  6. Congrats on your almost 20 mile run! You'll definitely be able to do it on race day. I wish I could be there to cheer you on!
    In response to your questions:
    1) No, not entirely.
    2) No.
    3) I had cortizone injections in both knees yesterday to hopefully hold off my inflamatory arthritis for 12 weeks. My recumbant bike will become my best friend to try to strengthen leg muscles to try to help my knees. Looking for some great ab exercises for, well, my abs! I've been eating a raw breakfast daily and working toward two raw meals per day. I still love sweets but will limit them (I don't need to lose weight~ just firm and tone. Chocolate seems to be a trigger for my arthritis flare-ups. I have very little willpower!) Thank God we don't have a Trader Joe's anywhere around!!

    Ps: LOVED you kids' response to McDonald's food & the huge yogurt cups!!

  7. Oh no. I fell off the treadmill twice, yes twice, in a matter of 6 weeks not too long ago. It hurts like the devil. Caused some major bruising all the way down my left side. Huge black bruises on my leg, arm, head, everywhere....but only on the left side. I can feel your pain. Who knows why I fell off a matter of 6 weeks. Hasn't happened again. Oh, but do I feel your pain. Sorry you experienced that too. Not fun.

    1) No I'm not happy with how I look.
    2) I feel okay, but would feel a lot better if I looked better.
    3) I go to the gym 2x per week. I need to step it up and eat better. I'm going to try. Really try. 30 lbs lighter would be awesome! really awesome.

    Good luck to you and Charlie (and Margaret) on your run. More power to you!

    --Laura from Indiana

  8. Ahem. You may not go to McDonald's EVER? Girl, you are dangerously close to sounding like that crazy anti-McD's freako triplet mom who lives up the street from you...


    The Freako

  9. 1) No I'm not (but I'm working on it)
    2)No (but I'm working on it)
    3)I have started walking at least 2 miles a day, (4 miles on Wednesdays) I have joined weight watchers, and in just 2 weeks I am already seeing and feeling the difference. I am going on bike rides with my kids. Its not all physical though. I am finding beauty in every day, finding joy in my childeren, and realizing that I want to be around for a very long time!

  10. yes, but the McDonalds new coffee mocha's are awesome.... no rat poop in that, i hope! Are we, (women), ever happy with our bodies??

  11. "O'Henry, you're killin' me!" is what I say every time I make a batch of those things.

    I can't get away from it though. My daughter's friends have started requesting them as birthday gifts. I had to bake a batch for a school banquet earlier this week. My friend's husband just had surgery so of course he needed a batch to speed the healing.

    Of course every time I make a batch of O'Henry bars "well, I might as well make a batch for us while I've got all the stuff out..."

    I am not going to buy Karo syrup again until Christmas. The only way I can avoid those little devils is to not have all the ingredients available.

    Other than the O'Henry bars I'm not doing too badly. How many weight watchers points do you think those things are, anyway?

  12. You are a winner in my book, and....we would really like those O Henry bars when we darken your doo, so don't be so fast to eat healthy just yet. Remember CHOCLATE IS MY FRIEND.

  13. 1. I don't really like the way I look.

    2. I feel alright; but could feel better.

    3. A couple of weeks ago I set out to walk on the treadmill as often as possible and work some crunches and leg lifts into my day. Losing 20 pounds would be SOOOOO awesome!! After two weeks of exercising and (trying to) watch my food, I haven't lost a single pound. In fact, I've gained two. I feel somewhat better, but I'm kind of discouraged about my weight.

    Have you heard about the 30 day shred with Jillian Michaels? Anyone have input/feedback about that program?
    I've heard lots of good things about it and am considering doing it this summer. Good idea?

  14. 1. Heck no.
    2. Emotionally, yes! Physically, BLECK NO!

    3. Well, since you asked... (hehe) Now that the weather is somewhat nicer and its not forty below zero, I have been running (walking fast!) while my baby (6 yr) rides her bike. My dogs have gotten accustomed to the daily 3-4 mile run/walk and are damn near frothing at the mouth when I come home. Ugh...that's all I can do. We don't have a gym, we don't have a long road (the longest road here is about 1.5 miles long) and there are still too many bears waking up from hibernation for us to go on the long road (about 6 miles of tundra, but its compacted enough to run or walk on) that's all we can do! Although I do have an elliptical in my storage, I'm disappointed that it doesn't work if you just LOOK at it for twenty minutes a day. Ugh... That's my big plan! :)

  15. 1), I need to lose weight

    2), I need to lose weight

    3) What to do...lose weight, I was hoping to come back this week and be able to say that I had done better with the exercises and I did, yippee!!!!!!!!! Everyday!!!!!!!!!!! Another week at a time.

    You so rock I have no doubt that you will do great, 20 miles, I can't even imagine. I am tired driving 20 miles, hehe.

  16. 1. Yes. I look fine.
    2. No. I feel like hell. I've always felt like hell.
    3. I started eating gluten again and I went and got my bloodwork done to see if I'm truly a Celiac.

    I cannot believe you ran 20 miles and think you are in bad shape. I couldn't run 20 miles for a million dollars and a truckload of O'Henry bars, my Quaker friend.

  17. 1. & 2. NO
    3. Working out...again!

    I started working out again. I'm hoping I can stick with it again. I have been consuming large volumes of yogurt instead of ice cream or candy this week lol

    My "weight loss" blog

    Congrats on doing the 20 miles. I want to barf at the thought of McD's fish too LOL

  18. 1) Yes, fairly happy. But I haven't had kids yet and have a petite frame.

    2) Not really. Although I'm fairly thin (a healthy weight for my height), I haven't been exercising lately so I have felt very lethargic and blah.

    3) Since the weather has improved around here, I've started to get outside and move more. Last night I took my dog out and went for a 40-minute power walk (mixed with some light jogging), and tonight my brother, my dog and I went out for an hour and ten minute long walk! Then I did some Yoga on the Wii Fit. I feel amazing already after only two nights of moving, so I intend to keep this up! I'm trying to increase my overall stamina as I've never really felt athletic or "in shape" (even if I look fine, there's a difference between being thin and being in shape!).

  19. Way to go with the mileage! That is fantastic! I am slacking a bit in my training. My big goal, get in more training... no matter what, get in more training!

  20. Oh, I wanted to add... I'm a sugar-aholic too. And after my nearly two-hour work out tonight, I'm sitting here eating Tootsie Roll candies. I need them. LOL. At least that's my only addiction! lol.

  21. 1. No...gained 10 lbs during tax season. BTW, I am very ashamed to say that my sugar binges involve cans of sweetened condensed embarassing is that?
    2. rejected to donate blood because my iron count was too low.
    3. Started taking my vitamins again. I really need to do a "real" workout, not the petty ass ones I've been doing. I started doing water aerobics in our pool...which I enjoy, but I know aren't like doing anything for 20 miles...I also walk 2 blocks to the coffee store for a mocha...
    I need to start caring.
    This is Holly W....can't remember password on hubby's computer right now.

  22. Way to go to you and Charlie and to Heather! Very impressive!

    1) I actually look pretty cute as a 9-month pregnant woman, so I'm okay with how I look.
    2) However, my feet and are swelling, I'm achy all over and my upper back is killing me with stabbing pains and then freezing up.

    Thanks for forcing me to realize that.
    3) I really really need to do more (really any at all) prenatal yoga. I was so good about doing it when I was pregnant with the now-toddler. I CAN make time to do it. I HAVE to or I'm going to be miserable for the next 3 weeks.

  23. 1. No
    2. No
    3. I started running (slowly) a couple of weeks ago. I keep reminding myself baby steps are just fine.