Saturday, May 23, 2009

headlines from the week (part 2)

So on Sunday, we had the incident with honey bees.

On Monday, we received a call from our friend the gardener.

It seems that a few days after we had visited with them, inspectors from the County came knocking on their door. They wanted to do an inspection of our friend's house and premises.

Don't get any ideas, because we definitely did not turn them in.

Apparently, our friend did not have a single permit for any of the structures that he had built on his property. Not for the two-story temple that he built for his wife so she could pray. Not for the playhouse with a ladder leading up to a loft that he built for his boys. Not for the poultry house where he keeps his chicken, ducks and geese. Infact, there wasn't even a permit for the roof over their head - which our friend had constructed before they moved in - because the original roof had completely rotted out.

Our friend was calling to tell us that his house had been condemned. And Charlie went absolutely berserk with excitement that he had slept in a CONDEMNED house.

The County Inspector told them that it was an unfit dwelling - especially for a family with small children - and they needed to leave the premises, immediately. Our friend needs to tear down all the structures that he built and if he doesn't do it - the County will send in bulldozers to do it and then send him the bill.

Now before you feel too badly about their plight, our friend bought his property for 1/4 of a million dollars, in cash, five years ago. Within days of the County showing up on his doorstep, he received an offer for 3/4 of a million dollars.

So. The family is planning to move to their second home in Montana within the month. They will be taking with them all of their chickens, ducks and geese.

And I'm thinking that their road trip north is going to be most eggcellent.

Please Mom and Dad - just tell me when it's over!!


  1. I am sure the suprise visit had NOTHING to do with the people who wanted to buy his house when he wouldn't sell huh? Well I'm glad they have a house to go to now.

  2. I wish someone would offer me 3/4 of a million for my place. They could have the contents of the house too (babies not inc.).

  3. Anon: We know it had EVERYTHING to do with the developers who wanted to buy his property and he wouldn't sell. When we talked this past week, he said that he had just recently turned down yet another offer, so there is undoubtedly a lot of pressure to get his property redeveloped. And once there are new homes constructed on his land, the County will receive more money in taxes.

    They're very lucky to have a place to go to. But more than that, I think they're very lucky to have such a huge return on their investment, especially in today's market.

  4. OMG! I am laughing hysterically. How awful that he'll have to sell it and make a measly 500 grand CASH.

    I absolutely love this and I can't wait for you guys to go visit him in Montana. HYSTERICAL. I can only imagine what the Montana house looks like!!!!

  5. I just hope he is getting the best price for his land.

  6. Sorry didn't mean to be anon I can't remember my password.
    Cristy : )

  7. Karen, I think that he is getting out at the optimum time. He said that there are plans for the road to be widened within the next few years (possibly months), so there's always the chance that the County would step forward and take the property through eminent domain.

    I'm amazed over the timing since we were just there a few weeks ago. But more than that, I'm amazed that they are planning to take their poultry with them. I cannot fathom traveling 1,500 miles in a vehicle with chickens, ducks and geese.

  8. Please ask them to send you a pic of their loaded up car as they head out of town & give you permission to post it!
    Cheers and Happy Trails to them!

  9. ... or maybe... just a thought.... someone from the County reads your blog??? I'm just sayin'....