Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a day in the life (part 3)

1:15: Finish making paper flowers, paper boats, paper fish and turn all of our artistic creations in to greeting cards. Receive a call from my sister that my mother is recovering well from her full knee replacement surgery that occurred earlier today.

1:30: Kids help me clean up from our paper cutting spree while I quickly check work e-mail before making a late lunch. Grilled cheese, Cheez-Its, dried cranberries, yogurt.

1:45: Henry up from his nap. Everyone eats lunch while I read them stories. They eat everything and want more. They actually drink the homemade lemonade I made yesterday and they love it. I'm shocked.

2:30: Lunch is over. Kids are playing with bubbles while I clean up the kitchen and feel like I clean up the kitchen all day long. I notice that there are three new messages on the answering machine. One of them is from our pediatric dentist calling to remind us that we have an appointment for all four of our children, tomorrow at 3:30.

2:46: Glance at the calendar to see what we have on tap for later this week and realize that the message from our dentist was left yesterday and the appointment is TODAY in less than an hour. I scramble to get the kids ready for a dentist appointment that I will be taking them to by myself, since my husband is still at work. I wonder if I've brushed my own teeth yet today. I can't recall.

2:49: All four of the kids are body slamming each other on the ground while I quickly update the blog before herding them out the door to the car.

I miss nap time.

Dear God. I really miss nap time.

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  1. Good for you that you realized the dentist appointment was the same day AERGH! PANIC!