Friday, June 08, 2007


Oddly enough ... toddlers sitting on tool boxes, munching cheerios and yelling "I SEE YOU!" doesn't help make the installation of hardwood floors go any faster.

Nor does it make the installation go any slower.

This link is just one more reason I ought to avoid marijuana brownies.

I already feel like I'm stuck in time.

Note: Once everything is finished, at this pace - circa August 2008, I'll post pictures of all the rooms and provide answers to the burning question of which paint colors we used.


  1. The twin boys I babysit (2.5 years old) do the EXACT SAME THING..... every truck or lawn mowing man or bug man or UPS man gets their FULL undivided attention. It cracks me up how they will sit SO still and just stare. Sometimes we sit on the driveway to just watch the men mow the lawn. VERY exciting, you know. And I bet the workers just love it! :) Adorable.

    I'm not sure I've ever commented here, but I love to read.

  2. LOL! i see you! i see you! haha.....

    i love it.

  3. OMG that video clip is HILARIOUS.