Monday, June 04, 2007

the HEIGHT of unproductivity

Time => 9:15 AM.

Charlie takes the kids to three separate stores, leaving me at home - in a quiet house - to get some important things completed.

I will: Clean up from breakfast, hang approximately 25 pictures on freshly painted walls, water the plants, fold three loads of laundry, prepare lunch.

Time => 11:45 AM.

Charlie returns from three separate stores with three hungry children.

I have: Gone to the bathroom five times, ate a chocolate chip cookie, drank a glass of milk, flossed my teeth, nailed 64 holes in the wall, hung three pictures, removed the same three pictures, sat on the couch and cried because the indecision about where to hang a picture or what I'll prepare for lunch is causing me physical pain.

When Charlie sees the 64 holes in his freshly painted walls, he is in physical pain, too. But when he tells me that the job I'm doing of incubating a baby is more important than anything else I could or should be doing ... it makes me feel a little better.

But not much.


  1. Oh dear, I know how frustrating it is to want to do things and feel grounded because you physically cannot. Charlie is right. The job of cooking a baby is the most important one for you, right now!

  2. hehehehehhehe...."but not much."

  3. Jen- you poor thing. You shouldn't be hanging pictures. You should be reclining in a nice chair and eating ice cream, while Nemo swims around.

    Now about the holes in the wall........ That's really not at all the way my husband would have reacted!!! I nominate Charlie for the Husband Of The Year!

  4. Have you thought about using Martha Stewart's method of hanging pictures? (A staff of hundreds...ha ha ha). No, seriously, you trace your picture onto a piece of paper or a paper grocery bag or something and then move the PIECE OF PAPER around on the wall until you find the right spot. You can even put the nail right through the paper when you've found the right spot and then rip the paper off the nail so you don't lose your place.

    The exact same day you posted this entry I was bawling in the parking lot of a babies R us because my 18 mo old son stole peaches out of the grocery bag next to him while I was driving and ate some of each of the peaches. My second baby is due on July 1st, there must be something about these days in our pregnancies that is making us cry about stuff like this.

    Hang in there!