Friday, June 15, 2007

the name game

I'm starting to get a little nervous. During a doctor appointment earlier this week, I was informed that with the number of contractions I'm having and my out-of-control swelling, this baby could come at "any time".


People have been asking me why in the world we tackled this huge renovation project a few weeks before my due date and the truth is - we honestly thought that we were going to move. And, aside from that > I've been in a bit of disbelief that a baby was going to come out of me. FOR REAL.

Since we decided not to move, and the baby isn't here yet, I knew that I absolutely positively wanted to get the house fixed up. Besides, there was no way I wanted to take on this project with a newborn in the house.

Perhaps it's because we're only now wrapping up everything - it seems that this has been the fastest nine months in history. The fourth of July is in less than three weeks. How is that possible ... since I was just organizing Christmas stuff, yesterday?!

The floors are finally finished and we have hauled FIVE truck loads off to Goodwill. Not to mention, I unloaded three huge bags worth of girl clothes to our neighbor who visits an orphanage in Mexico every month and we gave every last piece of lawn equipment (lawn mower, weed wacker, wheel barrow, shovels - rakes -spades) to our gardener in an effort to free up the storage shed for kid toys. (It'd been three years since we've used the stuff, anyway.)

I'm loving our new highly organized, dust-free space.

Now all that remains is painting two rooms, organizing our garage and purchasing an assortment of baby supplies.

And ... picking out a name for the new baby.

Because although Charlie could buy a carseat and bassinette while I'm in the hospital - and we can paint the rooms and organize the garage after the baby arrives - we need to have a name for the little one before I leave the hospital.

That's where all of you come in.

We have some ideas, but nothing firm. Here are a list of the names that we're considering, in no particular order. Those with an astrix (*) are family names. Our last name starts with an "L" so, we're trying to be cognizant of initials. For example, we'd prefer to avoid "HOL" or "HEL"

Edward *
Jack *
Julian *
Coleman *
Henry *
Francis *
James *
Oliver *
Robert *
Alex *
Harry >> but I'm not too keen on the idea of having a "William" AND "Harry"

That's all we've got but we're open to other suggestions.

Ready, set ...

Game on!


  1. Coleman James - sounds wonderful! And CJL is nothing, so it works. Love reading your blog!!

    Courtney in San Antonio
    mom to 3 kids (age 10, 5 and 1)

  2. Of course, Alex.
    Love and miss you all:
    Grandma Kathleen

  3. I love Henry James. Henry is nice with the triplets' names.

    Good luck!

  4. Alex Emerson... I LIKE it!

  5. You're really having a baby! Hurray! I wish you lived in Texas so I could help out with the kids. I love Alex and vote with Grandma Kathleen.

  6. I just found your blog a few days ago and am working my way through the archives, but thought I'd pop in to 'help' on this post. I love Emerson. To me it's traditional and classy like his brother and sisters' names. Emerson Alexander and Emerson Andrew would make his initials EAL...hmmm. What about Emerson Robert or Emerson James?

  7. I vote for Harry,

  8. JACK! I love that name. It's strong, no nonsense, simple.
    No more babies for us, so.. we named a cat Jack.
    Jack Coleman, Jack Oliver, Jack Edward (JEL?)
    Or my second favorite..Alex.
    Alex Edward, Alex Robert, Alex Julian....
    good luck!

  9. Hang in there! I am due July first but will be having our baby BEFORE June 25th. 6/25 WAS the plan, and as you said in an early post I think if I could have the extra ten days it would REALLY make a difference...we're not ready either. However your swelling apparently can be caught via blog reading and my blood pressure went up. Now I'm on bedrest. The room is not ready, the carseat is not installed, and we do NOT have a name. But, we could have a baby any day now. We have a list of ten or so names also. We intend on taking the list with us, take a look at the kid, and determine what he looks like. I vote AGAINST Henry because it is on our top three list right now and that would just be confusing :) You are welcome to add Amadeus and Leviticus to your list as I just recently convinced my husband to remove them from his list.

  10. I think Matthew or Samuel go best with the other kids' names. I'm a fan of picking a name you like for the first name and a family name for the middle (that's what I did with my children).

    Matthew James or Samuel Robert - both are very strong (and I couldn't use either first name because my cousins got to them first!)

  11. I've been reading your site for about a year, but I've never commented....but the name game is my favorite game. So, a few others that sounded like they'd fit with your kids names: Thomas, Harrison, Justin, Elliot, Christopher, Nicholas & Benjamin.

    And some combos from the ones you said:
    Henry Oliver or Henry Julian
    Jack Emerson or Alex Emerson
    Samuel Coleman
    Matthew James
    Harry Oliver or Harry James

    Also, just a word of might want to come up with a girls name too, just in case. I know a few girls who were 100% boys until the day they were born.

    Good luck and I hope whenever it happens, you have a quick, easy labor.

  12. My niece named her boys Jackson and Harrison and I love both of those names. I do like Alex from your list too.

  13. What fun! A name game! I love the sound of three syllables followed by a single syllable. What do you think of:

    Zachary James

    The nickname of Zach is playful, sophisticated, and unusual, and it complements your last name.

    Also, think about nicknames. For example, I know someone who named their son "Atticus" from the book "To Kill a Mockingbird." I love the character of Atticus, but what do you call him for short?

    "Harry" sounds like Hairy.

    I do like Henry James, but note that is the name of a famous (very good!)author.

    Have fun! Love, Susan

  14. You have really nice names to pick from!!! I like Jack Emerson. I am sure you guys will pick the perfect name. We will all be thinking of you during the next few weeks. I send hugs and good wishes to you!!!

    Charlotte, NC

  15. I love them all actually. We were choosing between Henry and Alex with our most recent baby (7-weeks old yesterday.) We chose Alex and I adore the name.

  16. So many great choices. I think Henry would be a smashing fit with your family, though I'm especially partial to Jack Henry since that's our new little one's name (5 weeks!)

    I hope whatever his name is, you get a few more weeks before you meet him!

  17. I love the name Julian, but the name choice that calls to me is Alex James I don't know they all seem to do together you made this to hard 80)

  18. Oliver James, Julian Samuel, Julian Alex, James Oliver, Jack Oliver, Samuel James... combinations of names from my favorite five of yours!

    The only one I really dislike is Emerson. Isn't that a TV brand? Emer's son? What? :P

    I think James and William go together the best, followed by Oliver and Julian.

    But really, the ultimate decision is yours and Charlie's, and I hope you guys are both very thrilled with your decision to name your new baby boy! I'm getting so excited reading your updates! In case anything does happen a little early, I wish you a safe, short, and easy delivery!

  19. Hi,
    On your list of names i like Alex, how ever i also like Christian for a boys name,
    Good luck what ever you decide, ask the kids if they can pronounce the names you like, if they cant pronounce it yet, they may call the bub some strange name.
    Good luck with the birth and i love reading about your beautiful triplets, they are gorgeous.
    Kim, Victoria, Australia

  20. I like Samuel Francis. :)
    Sounds good with William too!

  21. Jack Edward - my father's name and he is a great man!! Good luck to you! My husband and I read your blog daily and constantly are saying things like "the triplets did...". And our entire family knows about little Nemo!

  22. I read your blog frequently and laugh A LOT!! This is my first official comment. I never got to name a little boy since I have 4 girls(9,6, and twins 9mos.)

    If we did have a boy his name was going to be Gabriel Michael. Michael is my hubby's middle name and I just LOVE Gabriel.

    I also like Cade, Caden and Noah.
    The name I love the most from your list would have to be Jack. I think it is absolutely adorable.

    Congratulations, and I hope you have a quick easy c-section/vbac whichever you decide to go with.


  23. I LOVE Julian!
    Good luck and cannot wiat to find out what you pick.

    PS: Could you come over and organize my house too since you are on a roll??

  24. Love all of your name choices. Just a quick comment about three of the names: Julian, Emerson and Francis. I have heard these names for girls too (with different spellings). It doesn't matter, I just thought I'd mention it in case you hadn't thought of that.

    I have met two men with my name and it is a little weird.

    Can't wait to see what happens and what you go with!

    Tracy B

    PS - (If your other blog readers are anything like me) We are dying for you to have the baby. We can't wait to hear the details.

  25. Oh Yay! I was hoping we would get some input ;)
    I would stick with the "royalty" theme you have going with the other children's names. So my favourites are Edward (but not Ed!!), James (but not Jim) and Henry (would you use the nickname Harry?).
    Out of interest, what would you ahve called a girl?
    Rebecca D

  26. I like Henry too, and Coleman James.

    I love reading your blog!!

  27. I like Jack too. I don't know why, but for some reason Jack just seems to fit. I can't believe you'll have a whole nuther baby in just DAYS really!

  28. I'm liking Oliver James... I also like Jeremy Iain James - s'what Miss P would have been had she been a boy. :-)

  29. I vote Julian!

    and Mitchell, if I have a boy that's what I'm using. Feel free, you are on a whole different coast!

    can't wait to hear the name and see the pics!

  30. I love the name Emerson. My son is Jackson, and so I like Jack too. I really like the name Patrick for a middle name (but not with Jack). But Emerson Patrick sounds good. I like Eliot because of ( if you haven't read it. Naming babies is the best part...good luck. I enjoy Robert with the name William too.

  31. I've never posted on your blog before, but I've been reading for many months...since just before you found out you were pregnant! You are an EXCELLENT writer, and I love the way you & Charlie parent. I lurk on a lot of blogs, but don't usually comment. However, your name game dragged me out of lurkdom. I am an elementary school teacher, so I had a very hard time naming my baby boy. He was born on October 14 (same as your trips?), but in 2005. Every time a name was mentioned, I'd think of a past student of mine, and veto the name. We finally decided on Henry Norman. Henry was my husband's grandfather and Norman is my father. I love his name, so I vote for Henry! It's classic, strong, and goes well with your other childrens' names.

    Also, the names Jack and Samuel are VERY popular. We have lots of them at school these days. Just something to consider.

  32. Jack stuck out for me right away.

    I also like the names Mason, Jonas, and Keegan.

    Thanks for allowing all of us to give you an opinion on names. That was very brave of you.


  33. If our 17 week old daughter had been a boy, her name would have been Jackson (and nicknamed Jack). I have a nephew named Alec but he gets frustrated because everyone calls him Alex.

  34. OK.... here are my picks:
    1. Lorie
    2. Mark
    3. Nemo
    OK, just kidden... I like Henry Samuel - you do make some awesome O'Henry Bars - and it just sounds so presidential!

  35. Jack! Jack!! Jack!!!
    My vote is for Jack!
    Very strong, goes with William..
    William and Jack...
    I like Jackson, and Jack for short. Middle names sound better with a 2+ syllable first name.

    Cant wait to hear the winner!!!
    Annie (from Oh Sunny Day)
    I see that you know TWO that's strange!

  36. Samuel gets my vote!

  37. Hi, long time reader! just love your blog and your triplets.

    Probably never going to have a son (girls run in my family) so I'm throwing in my all time favourite boys' names.

    1. Lawrence. (Laurie, Larry)
    2. Theodore. (Theo, Teddy)

  38. Hey! YOUR GETTING CLOSE? I can't believe it!!!!!!!!! So exciting!

    How about James Alexander Brian Lawrence??? Truly I'm with Kathleen - Alex; but call him Alexander.

    George is a good one too!! Kathy H. has a Coleman and my Mother would be delighted. My Brian is Brian Thomas Coleman - So cute!

    Just incase they made a mistake and your having a girl or twins (not funny) ...Margaret Angela is a great name!! ;-)

    Good Luck! Can't wait to see pictures!

  39. I love Matthew, Coleman & Jack. I think all the names would sound great with the triplets names. I love that you do nice traditional names. My daughter's name is Grace and I would love to do something more old-fashioned for our next baby.

    Good luck and at least go buy a carseat! Baby can sleep anywhere as a newborn.

  40. I like Matthew and James for first names... maybe Matthew Robert or James Robert.

  41. I've been reading your blog for a while and I must say you are a gifted writer/communicator. What you get across in your posts while informative but is also hilarious! You do a great job of sharing you and your family's personalities w/us.

    As for my opinion on the names: I really like Julian, James, Alex, Thomas and Matthew.

    I'd steer clear of Jack (though I love the name), there are a lot of little Jacks running around right now.

    I've always loved Francis as a middle name (of course I'm biased b/c my dad is Francisco Eduardo (he's Brazilian). For example though: James Francis, Julian Francis, Matthew Francis. But then of course there's James Oliver or Julian Oliver which are both great. Alex Robert, Matthew James, Julian Edward, James Edward, this is so much fun!
    Ok, that's my two cents!

  42. Henry James. It goes great with William. And it's Prince Harry's real name - so you could still do Harry if you like.

    I'm not big on nicknames as real names, as in Jack. Not good for a resume. Plus, where I live every other kid is Jack.

    I like some of your other names but they don't go with your other have such classic but well known names you need to stick with that.

    Good luck! I felt the same with my DD - I was pushing and still going "I can't believe this is happening!"


  43. My DS's name is Jack Edward, so that's my vote! Not on your list, but a name I like is Carter. GL!!

  44. Emerson Jack or Jack Emerson

  45. Mom of an Alex6/16/07, 6:51 PM

    I like Emerson James or Emerson Matthew; just to let you know Alex is a very very popular pick this year; literally. Just thought I would put that out there if that was a deciding factor in the names.

  46. It's funny that babies wind up with such strong name trends (hi from another Jen) when almost all the 50 suggestions here are different.

    I like Oliver James.

  47. I love Samuel and love the nickname Sam. As another poster mentioned, I like the 'family' name to be the middle name.

    BTW- I love that you are okay with William in his skirts and tutus! That is priceless!

  48. As a teacher, there are a million kids named Jack, Alex, and Matthew. Great names, just very popular. I personally would go with Henry, because it sounds like you have a house full of little princes and princesses! Just don't call him Harry for short, otherwise you'd have Princess Di's kids.

    You'll pick a great name. You've already picked three wonderful ones.

  49. any thing but Francis!

    My favorites on your list are Jack and Henry.
    I'd probablly not do Harry unless you are real royalty fans.

    Matthew is great too,
    Oh I'm helpful :)

  50. funny, I was just thinking about it and I actually know 3 little boys, brothers that are Harry, Jack and Will. . . .

  51. Love the blog! And I had to comment on the names since my two boy names are in there. Both Jack and Henry. Sooo my vote is for Jack Henry or Henry Jack. :D

  52. Hank is a great nickname for Henry, and Hank is also Mom's cousin who is now living in Japan.

    Love, Susan

  53. I vote for Oliver or Alex. Cute and not too overused. I vote no on Coleman, it's a little too reminiscent of camping equipment for me!

  54. Matthew Fancis or Matthew Robert--love it!!

  55. Love the name Coleman James, if you call him Cole or CJ. Also love Matthew (but have an ex-boyfriend named Matthew so DH would never go for that name).

  56. i love julian and oliver. those would be my picks.

  57. what about Sebastian James?

  58. This one's not on your list, but we had a son and named him Kohen Benson. I really wanted Benson Carter, which is my suggestion.

  59. I vote for Samuel...I am a little biased...but it is my *favorite* little boys name in the entire world!! :) I think it keeps with the old world names that your other kiddos have!! Good Luck! ~Jen (Mommy to Samuel George)

  60. You know I am partial to Zachary but I love Alex too. Whatever you do, make sure he doesn't end up having to have a Junebug, Cooter or Gator!

    How 'bout....
    Zachary Foley Lawrence
    Alexander Foley Lawrence
    Emerson James Lawrence (Jay as nickname)

    Whatever y'all choose, we'll love!

  61. I named my baby after your husband, you could name yours after my son...whaddaya say? ;) I, of course, love Henry. Emerson and Matthew are my other top picks. Naming boys is almost as hard as labor, I think. :)

  62. Jack gets my vote!

    I can't wait to see how the new little one fits in...I love that you always seem to be 2 steps ahead of me so that I know what I'm in for!!!

  63. delurking to say, Julian Oliver gets my vote.

    I've been reading your blog since just before you posted you were pregnant ;)

    I can barely handle one 14mth old... you're my inspiration!

    Brooke in Los Angeles
    SAHM to Adrian

  64. I've read your blog forever, but never commented. I LOVE the name Harrison James with the trips names, and later in life he can pick what he would like to be called-
    William-Will, Bill, William

    Harrison-Harry, Harrison

    Good luck!

  65. No Coleman; it doesn't fit with the other names. TOO MANY Jacks out there right now as well; great name, but it's REALLY popular.

    I vote for:
    Alex Matthew
    Henry James
    **we do family names for middle names as well***

    ......can't wait until he's here; GOOD LUCK!....

  66. I vote for's one of those names that could have so many personalities behind it. It's a good name for a kiddo or a grown man. Jack Emerson??

  67. Oh I love Harry! I have a William too and was thinking about that yesterday when I saw the William & Harry special. I like harry though because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Harry Potter. Ok, now back to the list....

  68. I love Alex and Emerson. You know though, I was talking to hubs last night about naming our next child EdWill because quite frankly, I never say the right name the first time. If it's William, I say Edson, if it's Edson, I say William.
    I thought I would outgrow this but my sisters (who are also twins) are now 18 and I STILL get them messed up.

  69. SAMUEL all the way. We have a Samuel and we just absolutely love it. It's a very classic name, not trendy, but not very commonly used these days.

    Good luck. I remember the days of deciding and it was tough. But God made it very clear to me one day and there was no turning back.

  70. You probably already have a name chosen, but I'll post anyway, because I love baby love Nathaniel. It means "gift from God" sounds fitting for your new addition. It also fits with the long-ish names of your other children. My youngest son is Nathaniel Joseph and we call him Nate. Can't wait to hear what you decide!