Wednesday, June 20, 2007

the countdown begins, T-6

My c-section has been scheduled for next week. Tuesday. June 26 at 1:30 PM.

Considering our triplets were born on my mother's father's birthday ... October 14 ... 125 years after my maternal grandfather was born ... I find it fitting that our fourth baby will be born on Charlie's mother's father's birthday ... June 26 ... 103 years after Charlie's maternal grandfather was born.

I'd been thinking how cool it would have been to have this baby on 7-7-07, which would be my mother's 74th birthday. Particularly fitting since I am her seventh child giving birth to our fourth child. Our triplets were born when I was 33 and mom was 71 ... which is interesting since mom was born in 1933 and I was born in 1971.

Maybe it's not interesting at all and I'm just a little too obsessed with numbers.

The way I'm feeling right now - I wouldn't be surprised if I went in to labor and delivered the baby tomorrow. Mom even said that she would be shocked if I was still pregnant by Tuesday of next week. It's clear that the baby has moved down and I'm certain that he is trying to launch himself out by pushing off my rib cage.

In the midst of our last minute shopping, painting, potty training bonanza, organizing the house, cleaning puddles off our new hardwood floors, wrapping up work details, and freaking out over having another baby ... we learned that Charlie's dad, Alex, took a horrible spill during his vacation in Costa Rica.

Apparently, he was walking up a road that was slick with moss when he lost his footing and tumbled backwards, landing in a concrete lined ditch. He broke several ribs and had severe internal bleeding from his kidneys and liver. This is a very bad problem compounded by the fact that he is on the blood thinner, coumadin, for his heart.

Fortunately, he is stabilized and was recently moved out of the ICU. Unfortunately, he is in a different country, thousands of miles away, and Charlie is worried sick.

Why our friends and family cannot realize that we have got a lot going on in our lives at the very moment, and remain in a bubble until we get through this patch, is completely beyond me. Is it really that difficult to stay at home and do nothing?!

We're sending lots of healing thoughts for you Poppa Alex. Please get well and come home, soon. We promise that your new grandson will be here and anxious to meet you.


  1. I will say a prayer for Charlie's dad and I hope that you make it until next Tuesday...

  2. oh, not long to now, hope you do make it till tuesday, hows the potty training going? your mum only has a few days left to train the kids, our prayers are with you that "poppa Alex" recovers quickly,
    Good luck on tuesday,
    Kim, Victoria, Australia

  3. You all are in our thoughts and prayers! Hang in there guys!

  4. I will remember Charlie's dad in my prayers. Good luck with the special delivery!

  5. Wow...lots of crazy times and stressful things for you right now. I am sorry! I hope that Poppa Alex is well soon so that Charlie can relax and focus on you. I am glad you have help too with your family there. I know it is hard in the last few weeks of pregnancy, and even more so once you know "the date" but hang in there. It will all work out. God bless you and your family

  6. I am counting down the seconds with you!
    Please send a big get well to Charlie's Dad.
    Have you chosen a name for Nemo yet?

  7. jen and Guy......
    We, through all of this, have you in our hearts and prayers, too. You both should know by now, that after 15 years of utter devotion to Poppa Alex, my nursing background, his American Hospital here with Mayo Clinic doctors and his strong constitution and his loving Higher Powers.....that he is in good hands.
    He is on the mend and I am constantly dilligent with the specialists, his care and him.
    He is out of the woods now, home in a week or two.
    We talk about our new grandson coming next week with such joy.
    Stay in the moment. Trust. Breathe. Enjoy these last few days of 5. Love to the children and Mary.
    Kathleen: woman of many hands and much heart.

  8. Charlie will be able to blog the birth announcement, right????? :)
    CAN'T WAIT to hear about #4; what about using Charlie's Gpa's name as #4's middle name???? (since our last was born on his great-great Gpa's bay he switched from Ian Michael to Ian James)

    Prayers for Poppa Alex!

  9. Wow, that's so exciting that you know the date now! I'm nervous for you...can't imagine how you must be feeling!

    I hope Charlie's dad gets better (and into a bubble) soon.

  10. The number thing made me laugh because I was determined to have this baby on either the 1st or the 4th of the month because I already have a child born on the 2nd of a month and the 3rd of a month and I need their birthdates to be chronological. :) In fact, I was driving my husband nuts with all the nifty number and name games I was playing...glad to know I'm not the only one who finds theses kinds of things interesting. :)

    I sure hope Poppa Alex makes a good and speedy recovery and that your next week of excitement and expectancy goes well! Can't wait to hear the news!

  11. Potty training with everything else going on at your house???? Naw,.....she does get a little impulsive now and then. By the time they are in first grade you won't have to worry. Can't wait to hear about the new baby, take care Jen.
    Aunt Grace

  12. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one obsessed with numbers... my oldest was born 8-3-93 (she couldnt wait one more day *mutter*), I got married on 9-4-94, Miss Presleigh was 1-2-06 (half of 12 is 6...)and shares her birthday with Lisa Marie Presley (although I didn't know that til 3 days later when she'd already been named). I was born when my mom was 2 months shy of 21, my oldest, 2 months shy of me being 21... numbers numbers..

    Thoughts and prayers with Poppa Alex and Kathleen in Costa Rica.

  13. It's getting close. Many prayers and blessings coming your way! The number thing is really interesting.

    How is potty training going? I was gonna try the swimming pool/outdoor thing myself. I died laughing at the poop in the pool pic!

    Hope all goes as planned and that "poppa" feels better!