Monday, June 18, 2007

reflections at 37w5d

Mom and Jim arrived on Saturday and mom let me know that it was her goal that our triplets would be potty trained before the new baby arrives. Which, I was informed today - will most likely be sometime next week, if not sooner.

The kids spent most of the day Saturday and Sunday, and again today, running around partially naked in the back yard. Although we made efforts to keep them in cotton training pants, after changing 15 pairs of underwear in as many minutes, we decided it would be easier to smother them in sunscreen and let 'em run free.

Everytime we saw someone with a puddle around their feet, mom would shout out "I just saved you $0.35!!!"

As if having a dog running around and pooping in the back yard wasn't enough work, today, I was cleaning up toddler poop from the yard, too. And then, someone decided to re-enact a scene from Caddy Shack, and pooped in the wading pool while everyone else ran around screaming and pointing "POO-POO!! POO-POO!!"

Mom's convinced that we're getting close. Although close to what, I'm not really sure. Insanity, maybe?

Let's see ... what else is new?

Within the past 24 hours, me and the kids have all come down with a lovely little cold.

And, then, today our refrigerator broke. Because the repairman won't be here until Friday, Charlie just returned from the store with 10 bags of ice so that he could salvage the $300.00 worth of food that he bought on Saturday, by packing it in every single cooler we have in our garage.

As soon as our water heater is repaired, our dishwasher breaks.

As soon as our dishwasher is repaired, our toilet breaks.

As soon as our toilet is repaired, our refrigerator breaks.

I'm expecting that the washing machine and dryer are next to go.

Make no mistake. I love being a home owner.

Unlike when I was pregnant with the triplets and Charlie attended every single doctor visit with me, today was the first doctor appointment that he's attended during this pregnancy. He told me he wanted to tag along because I was scheduled to have an ultrasound and he said that he needed proof that I was really pregnant.

As if seeing me gain more than 70 pounds in the past 37+ weeks wasn't proof enough.

I first learned that I'd packed on four pounds since my appointment on Thursday. I then learned that my new doctor is extremely concerned with my previous history of PUPPPS and HELLP Syndrome and the triplet pregnancy and my current swelling ... and wants to schedule a repeat c-section for next week. He stressed that there was a chance, however small, that both the baby and I could perish if I waited much longer.

At least that's what Charlie heard.

Because then the doctor left the room leaving me alone with my husband who started to hyperventilate and say that if I died ... he would kill me. Then I got upset because if I died, Charlie would have to go back to work full-time and who would raise our kids?

So clearly, I can't die.

Of course I still haven't scheduled the c-section, which is causing Charlie and my mother and my doctor and Jim a tremendous amount of grief.

Such indecision!

I can't pick out a name.

I can't decide how I want to deliver our baby.

I can't determine if it's worse to pick up toddler poop from the grass or fork out $12.00 a day in diapers.

All I know is that I don't want to have a tubal ligation, something the doctor asked me about, today. Not because we're planning on having more children, but because it is too final of a procedure. And after our history, this is something that absolutely hurts to think about.

I also know that the feelings I have about delivering this baby are quite mixed because I'm sure our current dynamic will be totally changed. I'm excited to meet the little guy and see how our toddlers react to him ... but I'm really enjoying these last few days of pregnancy and savoring only having three children in diapers.

Although mom tells me that she'll have the new baby potty trained before she flies home at the beginning of August.

It's so good to have her here because she brings much needed comic relief. Like when she takes our children for a chase walk around the neighborhood, just before bedtime to help them expel that last bit of energy that would otherwise be used climbing out of their cribs and scaling furniture.

You know they look so fashionable in their footed Christmas pajamas, with sandals, traipsing down the street.

In June.


  1. Hi Jenna-
    good luck with the VBAC vs Elective section debate- I've been there and it kind of consumed my brain space for the whole 39 weeks of my second pregnancy. Not an easy call to make.
    I chose an elective section in the end (and just had my third child by caesarean 5 weeks ago). It was the best decision for us, I still wonder "what if" but don't regret this choice.
    When your Mum (aka "Mom") is finished toilet training your kids, could she come over here and train my son ;)
    Rebecca D
    (PS- you can have "my" name- James Dominic. If Camille had been a boy this was the name we had chosen, but only because my husband wouldn't let me have William!)

  2. HEY! First of all your Mother is always right!! (at least that's what my mother told me) They will have accidents but then again so did you. Not a big deal.

    Second, THE NAME WILL COME - Brian went five days and MATTHEW went 3 weeks w/out a name!! Not a big deal.

    Third, don't take any chances - have the c-section - YOUR health is to important. BIG DEAL

    YOUR sweatin' the small stuff; Now go have a beautiful baby! ;-)And let the triplets meet their brother 'baby no name'! ;-)

    Much love, hugs and kisses. Marg

  3. As always, you have me giggling while reading your post...I can't even fathom potty training my trio. Love the Caddy Shack reference. God bless your mom for taking that on:)
    I agree with the previous commenters....go have the baby SOON (the last thing Charlie needs is for YOU to break) and the baby will surely find a name sooner or later right?

  4. We had our top three names and waited until he came out to make our final decision, altho we really knew we were going with was kind of nice to know we had two other choices but in our gut we knew.

    Too funny.

  5. good luck...with everything.
    IF you actaully get the trio potty trained you might inspire me to give Lucy a try!

  6. Good luck! I will make sure to add you to my prayers this evening. You aren't going to know what you did without the new baby boy in your lives once he gets there. The triplets are going to love him and they will one day be potty trained. Bummer about the fridge... I guess when it rains it pours! Keep us updated... as much as you can.

  7. I love your mom! And footie Christmas PJs!

  8. What's so wrong with Nemo? Love the post!

  9. spare charlie and yourself a little stress. schedule the section and take a breather on that one. good luck! i can't wait to see pictures AND hear the name. and God bless your mama. the GPs always get better potty results. :)

  10. I love, love, LOVE grandmas! I'm glad she's here. And if she wants to tackle the potty training, let her have it. We're starting, too, and with triplets, I'm finding myself covered in sweat by the end of every potty rotation. It's not "bad", it just requires a lot of traffic control and quick footwork on my part. Who needs the gym? If Grandma is ready and willing, I say, "You go, Grandma!" And bless her for it.

    And GET THAT BABY OUT. That c-section is going past "elective" fast. You were miraculously blessed, lucky, whatever, with the amazing health of your trio. Don't go to that scary place twice if it's at all within your power. You can "what if" the VBAC for the rest of your life and still be content. You can't "what if" Nemo's life.

    -Debbie, someone who would really hate to not have you around

  11. I'm just feeling for you - the cold, the broken appliances, the potty-training circus, the changing family dynamics...I'm so glad you have the grandparents there - the only other thing I can say is that once the baby is there, it won't matter if he came VBAC or c-section, and it will be less than a minute before you can't fathom life without him. Take care of you, keep savoring the moments of expectancy, and BREEEEEATHE. I'm thinking of you and wish you all the best!

  12. Every blog leaves me in stitches and with a smile on my face. I thank you. And God bless your mom.

  13. Hmmm. Have you considered potty training them one at a time? I thought maybe that way you could use whichever one is potty trained against the others, i.e. "Don't you want to be a big girl/boy like _____?" Would that work? I don't know, I've certainly fished my fair share of poop out of the bath tub so I feel for you.

    As far as the VBAC/c-section goes, if I were in your shoes I would hold out 'til the end and go for a VBAC. But that's only because I'm extremely stubborn, not because I necessarily think it would be best in this circumstance. From the outside looking in, it seems like a section would be best but I also know how doctors try to scare the wits out of you. Good luck choosing, I know you'll do what's best and right for you and baby.

  14. LOL your mom is like my mom with the potty training...the good thing about this method is IF THEY ARE READY - it works fast.

    I would go for the c-section by the way.

  15. Google your fridge make and model and some repair forums should come up for you. We had a fridge and then washer issues and my husband was able to fix both just by info online, even able to put new motor in fridge no problem.
    Can't wait to see what your little guys name will be! =)

  16. I prefer poop in the pool than in the bath tub, but either way it isn't pleasant. I was surprised you posted the picture. I laughed out loud.

    Can't wait to see pics of the new baby when he comes!!!!


  17. Hang in there! Potty training was hell for us but the worst only lasted for a few days. My mom and grandma helped me and they kept telling me that mine were close too. You will be so happy once they are trained! Have faith. I will pray for you and a healthy delivery of your baby boy. I can't wait to hear his name and see some pictures. God has blessed you!

  18. Kathy from NJ6/19/07, 6:37 PM

    Some years ago my husband had a prosthetician who was the mother of four, a set of triplets (IVF) and another child conceived on the triplets first birthday. The second pregnancy was a complete shock; she was (over)due for corrective surgery on her insides that had gotten pushed around, a hernia and abdominal muscles that had been stretched to the limit during the triplet pregnancy. The new pregnancy was discovered during the pre-surgery physical. So the surgery was delayed and she ended up with four children under age two! When she told me the story the children were 10 & 12 and she said that the first three to four years were a complete blur.

  19. DEEP breaths, Jen! Just know that God is in control, even when it seems totally out of control, and that you have tons of people praying for you. God hasn't given you all these little miracles only to leave you hanging!

    You inspire and amaze me. Thank you.

  20. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Jen is having her baby boy right now??? Lot's of luck to the whole family!

  21. Jen- go have the csection RIGHT NOW! I am not your doctor, and quite frankly I've been very concerned about your weight gain and swelling and since I KNOW your history, I think you need to just go get that baby out! RIGHT NOW! Forget getting your tubes tied if you aren't ready to make that decision. Send your hubby to get snipped later! You CANNOT die! Do you understand? Who will be around to take pictures of poop in the pool? G.O. H.A.V.E T.H.E.B.A.B.Y! NOW!

  22. thanks for the poop in the pool pic. love it. :D