Saturday, June 02, 2007

dealing with a playground bully

Charlie took the kids to the park yesterday.

While they were there, a little boy that Charlie guessed was four, darted across the playground and pushed William away from the swings. Charlie being the gentle soul that he is, told the little boy that there were plenty of swings and no need to push.

When the same little boy came out of hiding and ambushed Carolyn and Elizabeth as they tried to climb on the merry-go-round, knocking them down and making them cry, Charlie being the gentle soul that he is, found the child's mother and told her that although her son's behavior is probably normal for a four year old, if her little brat boy pushed one of our babies again, he'd break him in two.

And then, he laughed.

But I'm not sure he was kidding.


  1. Charlie had to find the child's mother?

    Where was she?

    I'm sorry you just described my son (the bully)
    but, I am on top of him like a horsefly on sh*t.

    I'm serious, the kid just thinks the world revolves around him and I'm here to remind him that it does in his dreams :)

    So glad to hear things worked out.

    P.s. I'm sure charlie wasn't joking :)

  2. Good for Charlie. Some kids are treated violently at home and it shows when they are in public. Because the Mom was not watching her 4 year old, that told a lot.

  3. Go get 'em Charlie! What's up with the lack of parenting skills? We had the same problem with a little girl not too long ago. Her parents weren't even around to hear me yell at her! Shayna thought it was funny... LOL!

  4. I'm sorta a playground nazi. Mess with my kids and that's it. I don't go lookin' for yer Mama. If your Mama isn't going to deal with it, I will.

    I soooooo don't like dealing with bad playground parents.

  5. Ugh, I hate when parents let their kids push around others on the playground...she should have been watching her son!

    I don't blame Charlie for telling her that.

  6. Yeah...It's one thing if two 4-year-olds want to have a little territorial tussle or two (normal), and it's good to let them work it out on their own as much as possible, but I can NOT tolerate kids who pick out the littler ones and are just plain mean. It's ridiculous, and it brings out the serious mother bear in me - I'd probably been roaring at the kid, roaring at the mom...:)

    Go Charlie!!!

  7. I'm like the mean schoolyard monitor at the park. I've been known to tell off some kids! I got a little crazy when an older kid crowded my kids at the top of the slide and then pretended to fart on them while saying, "Look at all these stupid kids in red. Let's fart on them."

    You don't fart on my possee!

    I've definitely noticed that the children that are out of control are unsupervised. I nominate Charlie to be the head playground monitor!