Saturday, June 24, 2017

Summer Vacay: The National Parks - Park 3

That it is now the summer of 2017, and I am still posting about summer 2016 … isn't lost on me. I've lost count of how many times I've planned to sit down and update my blog and something - or more aptly, someone - has taken my attention.  Perhaps I could get up earlier.  That's definitely an option, but despite how hard I try, is never something I seem capable of pulling off.  Maybe tomorrow...

Right now, I have a quiet rainy Saturday morning, while Charlie and Henry are playing Monopoly - and we are awaiting the return of our triplets from their first ever, multi-night, sleep-away camp.  The house is quiet and I have a little bit of time for me and recollecting what I can from our vacation last summer.  

After we left Death Valley, we drove through Las Vegas en route to what is thus far, my all-time favorite National Park … Zion.   The massive red sandstone cliffs, the lush green trees, the vibrant blue sky.  It takes my breath away, every time.  


By the time we arrived, it was shortly after noon, and because we were on an abbreviated schedule, we didn't have much time - just the afternoon, to hike around and show the children this magnificent national treasure of flora, fauna, and incredible geology.


We hiked through the valley, stopping - more than once, to take pictures. 


Henry, that's hilarious! You're so strong! Let me take a quick picture!


Carolyn! William! What a beautiful little stop! Let me take a quick picture!


Oh, triplet pose!

This will be good for your 6th grade year book picture. Let me take a quick picture!


Oh! Awesome shot! You guys - stand there for a minute! Let me take a quick picture!


Is that a deer?!  Wow, how tranquil and picturesque!  Let me take a quick picture!


Gorgeous backdrop … hang on … Let me take a quick picture!


OK! Now all four of you! Let me take a ……

Before I could finish the sentence, Elizabeth said to me "Mom! Please promise this will be the last picture?  You're taking one every two feet!"


We then jumped off the path and started hiking up The Narrows, which is a slot canyon that has been cut by the Virgin River.  As the canyon narrows, so too does your hiking trail - which becomes the river.   Wading through quickly moving water with an uneven bottom, can be a bit precarious and unstable at times, but out-of-this world, crazy fun.


(It helps to have a walking stick.)


There is so much to see and do here, I could spend a week and not see it all.  Charlie has been to this park several times, and has hiked Angel's Landing - and much farther up The Narrows then we made it in our few hours.


While on this trip, we met a couple who were hiking The Narrows with their backpacks and rock climbing gear, because in the event there is a rain storm - this area is prone to severe flash floods (particularly in the slot canyons). Water levels can rise 10's of feet, in minutes; and walls of water will wash out anything in the way.   The couple we met, were hiking with the intent that they would climb the walls of the canyon at night to sleep, or perch their sleeping cots on the rock walls.  We're not quite there yet with our camping skills.

We crawled around on sandstone shelves, and perched in little cubbies.


And of course, I had to break my promise and have the children stand and pose for pictures, while tightly clutching my phone because if it was dropped, it would be GONE.


OK, OK … just one more!


Alright, FINE.  I'm a pathological liar when I enter an agreement about no more picture taking. IN THE NARROWS OF ZION!


While I would have liked to have had more time at this park, my Nikon, and a bit better sunlight to really showcase in photos how gorgeous this landscape is, I'm so grateful we had the opportunity to make the stop - and introduce our children to this park. 


Henry has a blue monopoly and has three houses on each property.  Last roll, Charlie landed on Park Place.  He just landed on Boardwalk.

Game over … which means, so too, is this post. 


I'll be back early tomorrow morning.   I hope! 

But before I go … one more. :)