Tuesday, February 07, 2017

our wittle ones

Elizabeth was home sick from school yesterday, and while she was recuperating on the couch, she decided to start writing a blog, which she has entitled "The Amazing Trips Jr."  For her first post, which she is publishing on her school account, she pulled these pictures of herself, and siblings, when they were babies.  I can't stop looking at them and their beautiful eyes.   The sight of them and memory of this time, actually makes me lose my breath a little.





While not every day is perfect, and we all face our own challenges with the rapid growth and changes that are happening at this stage in life (myself included; patience continues to be my greatest shortcoming), I am so proud of the kind and gentle people that these precious babies are growing in to ... Charlie and I really have been, and continue to be, blessed beyond measure.

Wow, oh wow, wow, wow.  Thank you, Universe!