Tuesday, January 03, 2017

houston, we have a tooth!

It's been more than five years since Henry has had a tooth in the top right side of his mouth.  Considering corn on the cob is one of his favorite foods, it was particularly challenging for him this summer, when he also lost the front tooth and incisor on the left side of his mouth.


When I tucked him in last night, his front right tooth wasn't yet visible, but it erupted over night, and this morning - it was there.  Wow, it's so nice to once again see some pearly white in that region!  Yes, it would appear braces are in Henry's future.  Since the triplets will be going in to Phase 2 of their braces in the next few months, I'm fervently hoping we can find an orthodontist in the area that offers a buy two, get two free kind of deal.  


(Ha, ha, ha ... you're going to be BROKE by the time I grow up!) 

On that note, these are the brand new glasses that Henry was prescribed last month. Ten days later, this is what they looked like.  Oy…..


Seriously … between the purchasing of shoes, glasses and braces for the lot of them, extracurricular activities, weekly groceries (I cannot believe how much they can put away), and squirreling money for college tuitions … perhaps I should instead put my energy in to finding new cost-effective recipes for dinner.

Rice and Beans!

Beans and Rice!