Monday, January 04, 2016

this is why I wear elastic waist bands

Like so many people the world over, Charlie and I jotted down a few thoughts for how we were planning to make this year ... 2016 ... our best year yet.  Those thoughts included, but are not limited to:

Taking an abundance of vacations and seeing as much of our world, and the Great State of Texas, at every possible opportunity.

Seizing moments - like while dinner is cooking - to play a quick game with the children.  

Reading at least one book a month as a family.   

Handwriting more letters.  

Finding a church community.  

Being more disciplined with our time and patience. 

Being more gentle with ourselves, and others. 

Like every year, one of the big things that we're planning to do this year (and we really, really mean it this time) is get in to a GOOD exercise routine.  While we've been walking a couple miles every day, we haven't been very disciplined about going to the gym that we recently joined. And with Charlie turning 50 this year - we figured we need to change that, post haste.  And there's no time to really embrace this like the start of a new year. 

We were planning to go to the gym on Thursday to end 2015 on a high note, but when we arrived at 3 PM, we were surprised to see that they had already closed. They were closed again on Friday. Saturday and Sunday, we didn't even attempt to go because we had these amazing holiday recipes to make with food that was about to expire and ....... see the problem, here? 

Following brunch yesterday, Charlie was tidying up the kitchen when he had a wardrobe malfunction. 

With my husband's permission, I present to you Exhibit 1: The the button off of Charlie's brand new LL Bean shorts.  According to Charlie, it didn't just "fall off."  No, it came off with the velocity of a missile, when my husband bent over to tie his shoe.   Upon closer inspection, you can actually see the fracture patterns. 


Stepping back, I think it looks like a face. 


The look of a face that says....