Monday, December 08, 2014

my so totally awesome better half

When I posted photos of our trip to the Caribbean last week, I had every intention of posting additional photos throughout the week.  But then Henry was sick. And Carolyn was sick. And Charlie left for a business trip to California for several days and curses of curses, I became sick times ten.  

It's shocking how quickly a person can go from feeling healthy and great, to feeling like death would be a relief.  Injected in to this post, are photos from our trip - a few days before I was leveled flat. And as I look over them again, I am so thankful that none of us were sick on the ship or when we were far away from home.


Last week, as I lay in bed, unable to move and wondering how I'd survive, my children who quickly recovered, and had found all the Christmas decorations, were excitedly asking me about what we were going to do for the holidays?!


All I could think was, "It'll be a miracle if I'm still here for the holidays."

Do I plan Christmas, or my Memorial Service? 


For the first time this year, our children were tardy to school last week.


Not one day, but every day.


Also for the first time this year, our children bought their lunches at school because I didn't have the ability to shop, nor pack anything for them.


Never before have I been so grateful for school lunches, and school buses that take our children safely home.   Our wonderful Greek bus driver even stopped by to see me, and insisted that I take turmeric and honey, which seemed like an awful concoction, but I downed it like candy.


Turns out, I've had the flu, which triggered a terrible flare-up in my autoimmune disease that has laid relatively dormant for the past three years, and which I'd tricked myself in to believing had gone away. While I never had the congestion that usually comes with the flu, I did have the chills, fever, and joints aches that rendered me immobile for five days.


By the time Charlie arrived home on Saturday night, my hands were so stiff and swollen, they were shiny.  I know I've said it before, but Thank God for Charlie.


Thank you, God.  

Thank you. 

Thank you.  

Thank you.  

He jumped right in, the strong healthy man that he is...


Threw down his suitcase and briefcase, and immediately took charge. Because, well... you might imagine the state of the house when my blessed husband arrived home.   With a wife incapacitated for multiple days, and children running the roost, it was like a scene from "Lord of the Flies."


Feverish me, on the couch unable to open my eyes, surrounded by piles of Christmas decorations and (thankfully, empty) cereal bowls.  Children, perched all around me, watching live-stream Christmas movies on Netflix, wearing headdresses they'd made out of garland and ornaments.


My wonderful man promptly restored order, made homemade chicken soup, ensured children were bathed, and gave me the will to live.


Today, as I sip the green juice of cucumber, kale, celery, parsley and ginger root (and pop handfuls of vitamins), I'm so grateful to once again move my fingers, and be able to sit upright for more than 15 minutes.  Christmas will be here, and with a dash of turmeric in my egg nog...


It really feels like I will be, too!