Friday, November 07, 2014

friday nights

My gosh we love Friday nights.

Here's the scene at our house, tonight... 

Carolyn, making pizza for the family.  Charlie comes to me in amazement, "Jen, I'm standing in the kitchen sipping a glass of wine and talking to my daughter as she prepares us dinner. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?"  

I don't know but it's awesome! 


William, working on one of his special projects with his official dog tags from Fort Sill, Oklahoma (courtesy of Aunt Eileen and Uncle Clark) dangling before him. 


What is he so intently working on?   The specifications for a tank .... of course. 


Henry, playing a heated game of Zingo Jenga (!) ...


... with his sister, Elizabeth. 


Things were going great at this point in time, and I was savoring our family at peace. But then Elizabeth took two Zingo Jenga (brain misfire!) blocks as opposed to the requisite one... 


And the perfectly peaceful moment is disrupted by bickering.

(Their faces say it all.) 


I tell the children, "A quiet weekend stretches before us, sweet music is playing in the background. The smell of pizza fills our home. We're in a warm house while the wind rages on outside. Nothing will keep us down.  Be happy and get along ... or go to bed." 

They've opted to be happy. 

And so have I.