Sunday, September 21, 2014

when imagination takes flight

Although all of our children are very familiar with the Harry Potter series, we go through waxing and waning phases of interest with the story and various characters.

Probably because Halloween is right around the corner, this month the kids are 100% waxed on to Harry Potter.


This afternoon as I was pushing Henry on the rope swing outside, I told him that we had actually considered naming him "Harry" before he was born, but didn't want to have a William and Harry - like the Princes of Wales.  (Clearly, I didn't do too much research, because if I had, I would have realized that Prince Harry's full name is "Henry Charles Albert David".)

"What? You mean you ALMOST called me Harry? Is it too late now?!" 

No, I suppose it's never too late.


So at least for today (and until we forget), he's known as "Harry" around the house.

He is a wizard ...


And he flies around our front yard on a Firebolt broom stick, eyes peeled for the golden snitch.